More Than A Risk...!

I think I was actually seen!

I posted this story in another group but it also seems to fit here so...

I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure I was seen tonight.

I'm staying in a block of apartments here in France and it has been a while since I've dared to go outside naked (I was seen a few months ago and it kind of scared me off for a while) but the urge has been building in me to do it again.

So, earlier on this afternoon I went down to the laundry room in the basement and checked whether anyone had booked it after me. Nope. Great!

I put my laundry in the machine and set it going. I also left a pair of trousers and a t-shirt in the laundry bag on the side. This was to be my escape if anyone was wandering about later. When I went back down, an hour later, to move my stuff from washer to dryer I made sure that still no-one had booked the slot after me and my escape clothes were still there.
This time I left a set of apartment keys in the pocket of the trousers - just in case.

I then went back to my apartment, three floors up, and waited with growing excitement for the dryer to finish.

My plan was to leave my apartment, naked, put a spare key under the welcome mat, walk down the stairs to the laundry room, collect my laundry and bring it back up. All without a stitch on!
I also had a plan to make sure I couldn't chicken out and just come back to get the key under the mat and left myself back in.

There are three apartments on my floor and a set of stairs leading down to a landing with a large glass front facing another apartment block about 30-40 yards away across the courtyard.
Three more apartments on that landing and another set of stairs leading down to the ground floor entrance and another expanse of glass.

The lights in the stairwell are on a timer. Each apartment has a button outside it's door and there is one by the main entrance door.

It was time!

It's dark outside and no-one has come in or out of the main door for about 15 minutes so the lights are off so no-one can actually see anything in the stairwell from the other block.
I went into a darkened room overlooking the courtyard and checked outside and across. I couldn't see or hear anyone so I decided to go for it.

To make it more exciting, and potentially dangerous, I had decided not to allow myself the safety net of knowing what was outside before I went so I shut the darkened room door and went into the kitchen (which doesn't overlook the courtyard) to get a drink and steady my nerves.

Some hope!

I counted to 100 and then decided to go for it.

I ********. Dropped my clothes where I stood and headed to the door.

A quick adjustment of 'the equipment' (just in case someone was there - I wanted to look my best!), grabbed the door handle, pulled open the door and forced myself to step outside.

Fortunately, the lights were still off and I couldn't hear anyone - especially nobody making 'preparing-to-open-the-door-and-go-out' noises... at least on my floor anyway.

Pulling the door closed I shut myself off from clothes and safety until I got downstairs. I put the key under the mat and started off down. I didn't turn the lights on as there was still enough light from outside to at least see where I was going.

First landing, no problem. Still no people.. no noises.. no clothes.

Ground floor. Still no people.. no noises.. no clothes.

This was where it gets a bit more risky. I needed the lights on to get down to the basement door. There is a light switch by the main door and one more right by each apartment door - two inches away from the doorbuzzer!!

I had a choice... switch the lights on by the main door and risk being seen in the five or six seconds it would take me to reach the stairs down to the basement... or attempt to find a light switch at the apartment nearest the stairs and hope I don't accidentally hit the doorbuzzer!

I mentally flipped a coin and, realising I had lingered here long enough already, hit the switch by the main door.

Now I was... ground floor.. no people.. no noises.. no clothes.. lit up and potentially exposed.

The light that now flooded the stairwell illuminated me like I was on stage and I immediately turned and headed for the stairs down to the basement. Anyone in the building across the courtyard, if they noticed the lights here coming on, was now afforded a perfect view of my naked arse strolling towards the stairs.

A side effect of the lights coming on was that now my key under the doormat was effectively out of the equation since I would be able to be seen at three glass windows (floor to ceiling!) while I went back up to get it.

Of course, I had no idea whether anyone was in the other building or not. Or that they were at a window and looking this way. But the chance was there and I had no real choice but to continue on down to my clothes.

I hurried past the last three apartments and headed down the stairs to the basement door.


One of my keys was on the keyring... in the pocket of my trousers... IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM!

The other was back upstairs in the kitchen drawer... IN THE APARTMENT!

I made a silent prayer to my current idol and put my hand on the basement door in the vain hope that it wasn't locked. It was.

Now what!?

After my heart began beating again, I realised I had a difficult decision to make...

Stay here and wait for the lights to go off - 15 minutes - hoping that no-one came down here or up from the basement...

Or go back up to the apartment, naked and exposed for anyone across the courtyard to see.

Quickly I weighed up my options. Neither of which were very appealing.

The 'stay here' option seemed a bit more risky as the longer I waited the more chance there was of discovery, whereas the 'go back up' option at least had the advantage of getting back inside quicker and the risk was only 50-50.. either someone would see me or they wouldn't.

I decided on the latter option.

Pausing only to re-adjust 'the equipment' again - not that much adjustment was necessary! - I headed back up the stairs.

Keeping my mind firmly focussed on putting one foot quickly in front of the other, without running to attract attention, I turned at the top of the stairs and walked straight towards the main door... naked... scared and excited!

Fourteen steps later I turned and headed up the stairs to the first landing.. still no people.. still no noises.. still no clothes..

Turn again... and walk towards the huge glass window... another thirteen steps - must be striding further - another turn and the last set of stairs.

Now at the top of the stairs and six steps away from my apartment door. Quickly get the key from under the mat and get it into the lock. All the while not daring to turn and look out the window just in case someone was there.

No, the key didn't break.. No, nobody came out of another door... I opened my door, got inside, closed the door and let out the breath I must have been holding since the basement.

After a few minutes I sneaked into the darkened room and peered across the courtyard.

There, on the first floor, was a woman just sitting down at, what I guessed was, her desk facing the window. I could see a laptop screen angled up at her and a desk lamp next to her.
Was she just sitting down because she had been standing up watching the naked guy across the courtyard? The naked guy she just the front and back of, twice!
Was she about to upload the video or photos she just shot on her mobile to a sharing site on the internet?
Did she just walk in as I closed my door and never saw a thing?
Could she see anything at all with her lamp reflecting back to her from her window?
Was she about to pick up the phone and call the police?

I have no idea of the answers to any of those questions. Well... it's not about 3 hours since the event and no SWAT team has broken my door down so I guess the answer to the last one is 'no'.

But I have a sneaky feeling she did see me.

I hope so, at least.

I'm going to do that again... soon! But this time I'm going to make sure I leave the basement door unlocked.

I know... I know... Why not just take a key?

Well... that would make it too easy, wouldn't it....
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Dec 9, 2012