I love playing online. I'm a cd and I like being and office sl^t, maid, etc. I can be sub and welcome men or women to join me.
Patriciagurl Patriciagurl
36-40, T
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whats your favorite role play?

I like to play fem role online. Also fem role in bed and private life. Pls read my stories and comment.

I loooove talking about how much I want to be a shemale office **** who sucks off every man at work and spreads my legs for every man at work too!

Oh gurl, I love the office **** role.

Love to play with you anytime!!

You can work in my office

I'd try to be the best worker.

You don't have to be the best worker, just the sluttiest.

Mmm. That would be a career opportunity.

short skirts and high heels every day, panties optional, sex compulsory...

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You got a woman to train you sweetie?

Not really. My wife has pantied me several times but I'm self taught mainly.

Oh she should train you,she will love the power and control. I can help her sweetie. She should put you in locking chasity device. Muaah

I'd like the kind that keeps me tucked and smooth.

Yes and you would always have to sit to pee too. I can teach her to train you sweetie. Muaah

Definitely sit to pee. I'm not man enough to stand.

Msg me your wife will love to have a girly handmaiden.

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Love to go shopping with you sweetie

We'd have so much fun shopping together.

Yes we would

Would we be able to contain ourselves?

Oh for a few seconds maybe

We'd be two giddy women enjoying our day.

Walking through the mall going to lunch what a day

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Would like to -- let me know if you would like to have a chat with me

Where do you play? Wiuld love to joun as well...