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I have a friend who loves role play....I think it sounds fun....I have a pretty creative imagination...but I am to shy to start role playing haha any suggestions?
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I do as well. i am yahoo messenger under: ellysia076
IM me and i will add you

Umm you start out the story

Depends on where you are really, if gaming groups are available to you, dive into what looks like a fun setting and get going! Watch out for That Guys and That GMs though, these people pop up so often in tabletop roleplaying gaming that they're practically a species. Regardless, don't be afraid to join a group, most will gladly teach you if you show willingness to learn. If you don't have access to a gaming group IRL, you can always head for the interwebz...but be wary, here be mary sues and other such RP atrocities!!

TL;DR, join a group IRL when available, go to the net when that fails...and most of all, have fun! :)

i run dnd, shadowrun, and a homebrewed zombie rpg called horde, these games are easily accessible, just jump into one!