Never Too Old To Role Play.

I always loved role playing and still do to this day( not sexually). A few weeks ago, some friends and I role played at the park. No one was there so that was even better! When I play videogames, I like to make up my own storyline, especially when playing fighting games. When I was really young, I would play with my action figures and pretend that I was making a movie. completely improvised. I even used my dads video camera to record some of them, too! I cherish all of my tapes. I dream of making a youtube film with a group of friends some day.
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I enjoy roleplay on yahoo mesenger

i love role playing :) only problem with it on this site is all the perverts who want to do something VERY morally questionable lol. i've been trying to find people to just message rp but it's tougher than i thought