I like to roller skate, n I introduced it to my son. watching him zoom around down the hall in the apartment where I live, i decided to get a pair myself. Now that I've getten a pair myself, I realize I'm too old to be zooming diwn the corridors! I cant zoom out on the sidewalk 'coz my apartment's at the top of a hill and the sidewalk's pretty torn up, too.

I found a park with skate friendly sidewalk, but that's kinda really out of the way. So I guess skating still remains a dream for now.
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2 Responses Oct 29, 2006

I am dealing with the same issue. Where I live it's filled with hills many I would not be able to stop on at all. I found out the only area around me for skating inside is a 30 and up only place, at 22 I'm just not old enough! I won't wait years just to try so I find a flat spot near a park with kids usaly where people are driving carefully and I just skate. Even if I look silly and I am all alone. Don't give up!

you can hire a small local hall its better for your sun more space and for you gives you a bigger area to fall or skate in lol<br />
local church halls will usually hire out there small halls at a very reasonable price.<br />