My Rp Character

Name: May
Age: 14
Species: Demon
Appearence: May has golden hair tied into a ponytail with a dark purple bow and has bangs that goes across her face, and two that hang down the side of her head. She has the two bangs in dark purple ribbons. Her eyes are emerald green. She wears a white and black matryoshka style jacket, and a light yellow shirt. May has black pants pants with white and grey sneakers. She always wears a dark purple choker and her Jashinist pendant. Finally she wears black wristbands with yellow on the tips.
Personality: May is always happy and cheerful making it difficult to get her angry. She's very defensive of her friends of her friends and loved ones.
Abilities: May has silver angel looking wings. She can make her wings appear or disappear. May's second ability is to transform into a demonic wolf.
Weapons: May uses metal claws whenever she is in a fight in her regular form.
Wolf Appearence: A golden wolf with emerald green eyes and silver wings.
Sorry if my description sucked ^^;
Shiiskrii Shiiskrii
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Rp :D