Every Chance I Get !

I really love to ruin things with my pee. I always try to look for other places to pee than toilet,at home too but most of the times somewhere public. In cinemas,pubs,night clubs,trains and buses I try to pee the seat or carpet as much as I can.Its so exiting to pee those seats so full that I know they are going to stain and smell of my pee.
Zumgoda Zumgoda
31-35, M
6 Responses Jan 9, 2013

A couple of days ago I was out on the streets with a full bladder and horny as hell. I had shorts on with no underwear and I wanted to **** so bad, I let out little squirts in my shorts so I was very wet. I decided to go to the library to ****. I pretended to look for books when I walked around the Bookshelfs, and when there wasn't anyone near I took my **** out and spray my **** on a lot of books, I opened some books and drenched them in my ****, it felt fantastic to do it.
I saw a table with a flowerpot and I filled it with my **** so it ran on the table. I also pissed on some chairs before I left.

A couple of days ago I was walking around in the local mall, I was looking for places to pee, I had been drinking a lot.
I had my summer shorts on with no underwear and it was very easy to take my **** out and pee.
I went to a bathroom and peed all over it, on the floor, on the mirror, on the toilet seat, on the paper, it felt fantastic.
Then I had to drink some more to refill my bladder so I sat down in a cafe and order coffee and water. While I was sitting there I took out my **** and started to stroke it and then I shot a big load of *** under the table and on the floor, then I peed on the floor and made a big puddle. I think the lady sitting next to me noticed what I was doing.

yesterday I visited IKEA in Stockholm looking for some new furniture, but when I got there I had to pee. I had o my short shorts with no underwear and suddenly I thought , why not not test some sofas and beds, so walk to the sofa department and sat down in one of them. It was very soft and nice to sit in so I started to pee a little and it felt so nice. I tested a lot of sofas and chairs and I peed a little on everyone. Then I walked to one of the restaurant and bought something to drink to fill my bladder again. I was sitting in corner and I don't think anyone saw what I was doing so I took out my **** and started stroking it under the table and I cummed a lot .
It was a nice trip and I will do it again soon.

Oh yes ! Let it all go into one sofa next time,let it soak thru it and leave a nice wet stain when you leave....so sexy !

yes I will choose the most expensive sofa and sit down with a full bladder and make it real wet with my warm p!ss, it will be so wet that my p!ss will drop on the floor so people can see it. Then I will go to the bed department and p!ss in bed and some pillows.
After some more drinking I will go and stroke my **** with some curtains and spread my *** in them.
Im getting so had now thinking of it, I think I have to go and do it now.

I love it to flood my skintight jeans and soak the seat of a public bus.
I love it to flood my skintight jeans while shopping in a grocery store in front of a nice cashier girl.
I love it to pee my skintight jeans squirt by squirt sitting on a chair in a public library while reading hot EP-stories about 'pee in public'.
I love it to squirt into my skintight jeans while walking through a crowded grocery store.
I love it to flood my skintight jeans while sitting in a crowded restaurant at lunch time.
I love it to pull out my **** through on of the many holes in the fabric of my sexy ripped jeans and pee on myself while sitting in a public library at one of the computers reading hot EP-stories.
I love it to sit in a little restaurant inside a big grocery store, pull my **** out through on of the many holes of my sexy ripped jeans and pee upwards the table plate to let it rain on my thighs.
I also love it to leak squirt by squirt while sitting in a crowded café wearing a skirt, watched by a bunch of women.

I just can say: I love it to pee anywhere anytime. :)

I haven't really myself peed in cinemas, shops, or whatever with the intention of ruining things. Most of my ******* fun has occurred in my own place or sometimes that of a female partner. But I love to hear accounts of people ruining things by ******* on them, especially girls, but yes guys too. I have occasionally been present when girls have peed on nightclub carpets and suchlike, but I think I will save that for another story. I would certainly do it myself if a girl who was with me wanted me too.

And Akqtee907, I would love to hear more about your friend in Sweden: he sounds interesting.

Nice! :)