I do!  I like to say yeehaw, in addition to giddyup, and yippy-i-o-tie-a!

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Hmm…never thought about that one. I just say the normal things that people say when I'm sad. I don't think there's a special cowboy exclamation for sadness.

what do cowboys say when they're upset? is there an opposite of Yeehaw?

Ah, well you need to watch more Westerns! Honestly, they don't have much meaning. Yeehaw and yippy-i-o-tie-a are just exclamations that we cowboys like to say when we're excited! And giddyup is what you say to a horse when you want it to go faster!

Hah, I don't really understand those words, but I just know that they make me excited, because of all those horses and men saying "yeehaw" and whatever, but I'm afraid you might shoot each other..or something, I don't really know a lot about cowboys, but I know that my brother reeeeeeeeeeaaally loves them. ;-P and go cowboy!

Of course!