I Like Sculpting And Carving

My first pieces were large soapstone carvings. My favorite was a big- bellied earth goddess kneeling in prayer. I did a clay figure of a frightened faceless man in a robe, cowering against a rock, but he fell off the shelf and was destroyed. I also made a hollow clay doll, quite heavy, with adjustable hands and feet, and a heavy shiny ceramic glaze and made a red satin dress for her.

I did a cast aluminum piece reminiscent of a sea sponge and a piece of coral. I have an on-going wood carving of a walking staff with animal figures on it, and abstract shapes. I began carving small stones that I found on the beach, designing my carvings so as to lose the flaws in the stones and end up with a perfect piece of highly polished quartz, for example, even if it was only pocket sized, in the shape of a woman's head with hair all over on one side. I use sintered diamond bits to cut the fine details on the quartz on the small pieces.

I consider stained glass a sculptural form. The free form lamp shade I made with seashells, Sandwich glass slag, and rondels was sculptural.

What has been the most fun has been encouraging the children that have passed through my life to experiment with clay and have fun with it, to teach them how to make sand castings and make candles with the sand castings, and make simple press molds and cast them with plaster of paris.

Everyone has that spark of creativity inside themselves, and it is such a joy to see someone else realize it is there, and to see it come out.

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I totally admire sculpture; I adore stained glass and love to hear about how others are finding joy in ex<x>pression and creativity...I am a writer, singer and songwriter mainly but if I could do ANY visual art; it would be sculpture.<br />
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How fascinating to hear of your experiences as a "sculptress". thank you! ~hug~

Yes I DO!!!!! Come on down!!!!! I love LIFE DRAWING class.....LOL!!!!

Yes, I have done a life-size bust from a model in my art class...we used calipers to measure the head so we could get the dimensions exactly right. I donated that one to the Homeless Shelter where I worked. I have a couple of photos of small sculptures on my profile.<br />
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Like most people who sculpt, I am not as talented in two dimensions, though I will photograph some of my work now that I have figured out my camera....LOL!!!<br />
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Your wall sounds wonderful!!!! You should explore that side of yourself....hidden talent!!!!

After reading your story, I went to see if you had anything posted. You are very creative. Love to write and work with your hands. I never had any hobbies in the field of art but a few years back I was painting my bedroom and decided to do a glaze on one wall. It was a Sunday, and the painting seemed to be going okay, although it was still wet when I rushed off in a hurry to finish up because I had made dinner plans with my uncle. When I returned I thought it looked pretty good.<br />
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I never realized just how good my wall came out until I had friends over. They thought a professional painted the wall. When my brother came to visit, he stated my wall was really cool and asked me if my wall was painted or papered. I explained to him that it was a glazed technique that I painted. He then tried to peel it from my wall. "What your doing?" I asked.<br />
He replied "This is good, I swear I thought it was wallpaper!". lol. He stated he and his wife also glazed a wall in their home but it did not come out nearly as good. I never took a paint class but I seem to have an eye for color perhaps it just comes naturally for some people. <br />
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Have you ever created a sculpture statue?

I have a couple of photos on my profile right now...I will take more later. Thanks!

Wow. Do you have pictures of your carvings, sculptures and other pieces? Why not post some of them. I would love to see them!

If you look at my avatar you will see my wifes first life sixe piece. If you are interested let me know and I will tell you her web site. She does all types of art, Painting, water color, airbrush, Teaches kids in detenation and she is the love of my life. Do what makes you happy. ed