Driving And Wanking

So the other day I was driving home from a long midnight shift and was very horny to the point that I got a big hard on, my **** isn't huge but it's not tiny either standing erect at 7 inches. So I undid my zipper and pulled out my **** and started beating off mercifully, and I was approaching an SUV about the same height as my truck, so I slowed up to the side of it and noticed a very attractive but older lady( cougar, milf) and this turned me on even more so I set my cruise control to her speed and tried to lean my hips up a bit so she could get a good view while I jerked off, I was not looking at her at all just concentrating on the road and my **** but every so often slightly looking over to see if she had noticed yet, finally I just turned my head and looked over and our eyes met and then she looked down at my big hard **** and her mouth fell wide open! I was hoping she would pull out her **** or something although I am sure she was playing with her **** at the sight of my **** because she kept up her speed with me and watched until I motioned that I was gonna blow, and I thrusted my hips and came real hard at the same time and blew a huge wod all over the windshield and she laughed and smiled and mouthed the words "thank you sweetie" to me, I hope to see her on the highway again real soon!
kinkykouple68 kinkykouple68
31-35, M
Sep 8, 2013