I Want To Have Sex With My Mother In Law

We live with my mother in law and everyday I see her I just want to run to her and kiss her..she has a big butt that I would love to get my hands on.
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My mother in law is single and has been for a long time. She is only in her 50's. She lives alone and has no romantic interests at the moment. I doubt that she has the confidence or enthusiasm to go out and try and find some companionship or love. I'm pretty sure it is her self esteem holding her back.How do l tell her that she is a fantastic woman with so much to offer without sounding like I'm trying to seduce her? Seducing her is not what my aim is. This is something that fills my mind every single day. A. Do l simply approach her and tell her how l feel, or do l ignore what l am feeling and keep my mouth shut? There is only around. 10 yrs age difference between us. Really, do l ignore how l feel or do l take a huge gamble / chance and let her know how l feel? Considering lm married to her daughter, do you think she would approach me first and tell me how she feels about the situation or do you think, she would go straight to her daughter and let her know how l feel about her? I could lose everything.

My mother inlaw is a single but been married 7 times con artist but she has the sexiest voice and wears black all the time always conning somebody one day I was selling something on eBay for her and I was alone in bed sleeping in she came in my room we started talking and I noticed she kept looking at my crotch it was half covered in sheets and part of me was hanging out my underwear I'm a lot thicker than average and 7 half inches so I started covering myself up but decided to shift positions just to see if she would to wow she did move to get a better look after she left I got really turned on for some reason now I **** with her everyone in awhile il pick her up and have something extra even shoved down my pants boy she can't keep her eyes of it . I'm ynthinking about sending a annonimous text and tell her secretly how I feel basically she needs spanked with a belt and a big **** burryied in her virgin *** and ****** like she had never felt I have heard older women experience that if they have a tight *** anyway i think she would if it was totally dark and no one new any ideas ? Or help dp maybe who knows she needs money any websites she could get paid for doing stuff Internet webcam or whatever I'd love to offer her money to spread her legs and ask for my big **** she has jet black hair and hasn't to my knowledge had a **** let alone big thick **** for yrs the taboo thing is i she would bury a **** that size her first time if I offered to buy her a car and pay me back when she has money and have a ****** on line as interest any ideas is that legal by the way something about this women would get omg lots of hits trust me

My mother in Law doesn't have a big butt, in fact it's pretty fine, and on several occasions I have gotton my hands on it. (always through her cloths though). She has teased me for years, so, which has led to some serious fantasizing. Honestly I don't know where to go with it from here. I have to admit that the idea of plowing int her always excites me, but the reality that it could very well ruin my life, my wife's life, my MIL's life . . . Besides, who's to say that she would actually go all the way. Maybe she musts affirmation that she can attract a younger man. You'd better think this through before you jump.

Anyway it's worth a try!! I also love watching my mil,undressing and getting dressed,she's in her 70s and still looks really,really hot