Seducing My Mil

I got married few years back which was arranged marriage just like most of the Indian Marriage.Within few days of marriage i realized i am married to a girl who is more of a lesbian .My sex life was in complete mess.I didnt want to take any drastic decision immediately.Same time i started talking to my MIL quite often.Let me describe my MIL,she is a beautiful lady in 50 but maintained her figure and looks that she looks just 40.She is always dressed showing off her curvy assets.Looking at her one could easily make out that she still spends lots of time pampering her body and hair.
Subconciously i was getting attracted to her looks as well as her intellect.Since she stayed just few miles away from my place we do visit my in laws quite often.Whenever i visited them i made sure i spend more time with her than my FIL.I always use to steal a moment and praise her for one thing or other and she used to blush.One fine day my wife called up me at my work place asking me to collect some dress from her parents place while coming back.I was quite exited as i knew that today i will be going there alone i.e. without wife.Before i started from office i called up my inlaws place to check if they are at home and i was lucky as my MIL told me she is at home but alone as FIL has gone out.I reached in laws place and my MIL opened the door for me and her smile was enough for me to make my evening.She was looking gorgeous.She was so well dressed as if she was getting ready for some occasion.I sat very next to her.I can smell the fragrance of her body.She was wearing a body hugging Saree .Her navel was as if teasing me and her front was more like inviting me.For me it was the sexiest boobs.She was very comfortable sitting close to me.I knew always that what i was doing was wrong,but then when u like or love something or someone you dont believe in right or wrong.I was finding everying in that lady which i was looking for in my wife,looks,intelligence,sense of responsibility and most important sexuality.i mustered all the courage in this world and told her that she has best hair among all the known people to me.She smiled and i knew she was quite flattered and before she could think something i just threw the other bomb.I asked her if i could feel her hair as really love the satin feel of her hair.She asked me to take the dress and leave.Though got scared to the hell,got up immediately and left home worrying the consequence.For many days i just didn turn up or called up my in laws.Few weeks later i got call my MIL and she enquired why i am not calling her now a days .I said i was sorry for that day and to my surprise she told me that she had some more changes to herĀ  hair why not have a look.She asked me to come next day evening.I just didn let the opportunity go.
I reached other day and rang the door bell thinking fIL will open the door.To my surprise my MIL opened the door ,she was looking drop gorgeous in her new hair style and she was wearing a sleeveless tight boddy hugging dress showing her sexy figure which you very rarely find any Indian lady in 50's wearing.Next ques was if FIL was around and i realized he is not there and my MIL has asked me deliberately to come next because she knew my FIL will be going for a all men party.I understood that even my MIL is quite interested in me .She simply asked me what i feel about her hair style today.I didnt think much and simply put my hands into her hair and she didnt stop me today.We both started looking into each other eyes.I pulled her closer and took my lips close to her.I could feel her warm breath.She stopped me saying we should not be doing this.But i knew she wanted it .So just gave a peck on her face and pulled myself back.After a pause for some time she said she will get tea for me.She got up ,raised her hands to tie her hair properly,i could see her clean shaved sweaty and fleshy armpit.I was always a person with armpit fetish.I just became devil,while she was preparing the tea,i went to kitchen and put my hands over her arms from backĀ and slowly gave the feel of my body.Her back was enjoying the stiffness of my ****.she simply closed her eyes and raised her arms over my neck.I could see her naked armpit with sweat.I just started licking her armpits and same time rubbing my ****.I slowly put my hands into her pantie.It was as if she was completely prepared for the occassion.It was so smooth inside that i felt like just do it in kitchen.But i didnt want to do it fast,i want both of us to enjoy.From the way she was responding,it was clear she was enjoying something of this sort after very very long time.More i was playing around her soft clean shaven ***** more vigoursly she started rubbing her butt against my ****.Her body was asking to take inside as fast possible and i want to delay it further.To my bad luck door bell rang and i have to rush back to sitting room and my MIL to get herself properly dressed to face another person.I had to leave that day without continuing further.I will have to wait for another day to have the real time of my life

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bwhahahahaha gve me ur wife no i will satisfy her .......