Watching Her Pee Her Jeans

I would love, right now, to watch a young girl pee her jeans.

It's not even the peeing that really turns me on, its the moments leading up to the wet release.

As she stands there, holding her crotch, bouncing up and down, she wimpers and cries that she can't hold any more.

She sits down, then stands up again. She bends over double, she releases the top button on her jeans, to ease the pressure on her bulging bladder.
She is so desperate.

She does a little pee pee dance
She grips herself so tightly
She ain't gonna last much more

She presses her knees together, and there is nothing more she can do.

It starts to flow out of her
It fills her sexy panties
The dark evidence showing on her jeans.
Then when her panties can't soak up any more, it streaks down her legs, leaving a lovely trail on her jeans.
And she still tries to hold on

But she can't anymore

She releases a torrent of pee, that completely soaks her jeans.
You can hear it, splattering on the ground.

The pleasure in her eyes shows she loves to do this

And then, after she has got every drop of pee from out of her bladder, she now wants to **********

And so she does

Very very quickly

Sometimes she doesnt even take off her jeans

She just rubs through them

And she **** in seconds

I just love to watch a girl pee her jeans

Ive seen it happen in real life, and ive seen lots of videos - but it still makes me soooo horny - like now.

Please leave a little msg- would love to know what u think.


expressomarkie expressomarkie
2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Yes I love it too. I would love to have that desperate girl sit on my lap as she releases her **** flood into her pants and onto my pants crotch so that my **** and balls get soaked in her goodness mmmmmmm

Oh you know 16/17/18 would be nice lol