When Young Where Were The Other Little Girls.

When I was in my teens I always wondered where were the other girls like me. You saw a few at parties or on halloween. But most as we know were dressed for laughs. Only the occassional one dressed whose mother was so proud. I would have loved to have a girlfriend like me. Recently in the apartment building I live I know this woman who's about 28 and has an 7 yr old son. Who has the curliest blond hair about diown to his shoulders. One day I remarked about how nice his hair was and asked if it was naturally curly and she said it use too be. It started to lose its curl so now I curl. A couple of weeks later I came back from the store and was getting on the elevator when someone yelled hold the door. It was this woman and she got on with the most beautiful little girl when I realised it was her son. He was wearing a cute dress, knee-his, maryjane shoes, a bow in his hair, alittle makeup and 2 small earrings. She introduced him as Julie. And said I just came back from havinmg her school pictures taken for the fall. And she would be the prettiest little girl in her class. I've see her several times since and he's always dressed as a pretty little girl. I saw then another day with a woman and her daughter, I think. I just wondered and smiled try to imagine having another girlfriend just like him.
RobinLeade RobinLeade
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I wish more parents would just let the kids choose regardless of gender.