Dressed Like The Girls

I would myself like to see more boys dressed like girls. Maybe that will make them to be more gentle and polite to women and girls. It would make them be more aware of the gentle world of women and girls and to appreciate beauty as well. Boys would be less aggressive when dressed up in dresses and bows. Wearing the attire of women and girls would teach them to be more passive in thier behaviour and steer them away from any male influences such as violence. I've read stories where mothers expecting girls were faced of giving birth to a boy. But that didnt stop them of raising thier boys like girls and dressing them in all femme finery. It made them more polite to other women and girls. Wearing pretty dresses blouses and skirts can be enjoying to a boy especially if the boy has only brothers and no sisters. Accepting a pretty dressed boy has still a long way to go in this society but at least these days people can be aware if this. Boys dont allways have to live in the world of sports and michineryand drab clothing. Putting a pretty dress on a boy can be a introduction to the gentler world of women and girls and if more boys were brought up this way--our world probably would be a nicer place to live. The male "ego" needs to be tamed down.
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I agree!

I hid wearing my sister's and mother's clothes. I loved to dress up and play with my sister's old dolls, and often pretended I was entertaining a boyfriend to dote over and be kind to. I often thought that this aspect of my personality was the best ex<x>pression of what I had to offer in life. I always felt it was a shame that the world of High school and my small town were so closed to my lovely gentle nature. Insecurity had me needlessly fighting to make a place for myself that I did not like, nor was I proud to be defending false bravado. If only the boys would kiss me instead of pushing me down and being cruel. I could have rocked their worlds.

If a child is raised properly, with the necessary support and encouragement from their parents, they will grow to be decent well balanced adults.<br />
However, it must be wholly wrong to force an ordinary boy to wear the apparel of a girl. Such an act can only lead to long term psychological harm.<br />
I wore some pretty rough boy clothes, as my parents could afford no better, but I didn't grow up to be aggressive and have only a passing interest in sport.'