From My Window Chater 3

Well since I was unable to fly and this Elf type guy is so much stronger than me I did as he asked. It seemed like I had just dropped off to sleep when I heard this voice, “Wake up,” I peeked through my eye lids no this can’t be true Santa Clause no way. Setting up, “Santa is that really you” Ho, ho I need your help and I know you are the only one that is able to it.” We must walked, an hour before we arrived in the dress making room. My poor little heart could barely flutter with all kinds of joy here with all these wonderful dresses. I wanted to faint from pure joy just being here where they are all made.
Then Santa with a grand old smile, “You know this dress very well for you had been eyeing it ever since it was place in the window across the street from your upstairs window. There is no one to fit it too other than you. The ladies will do the fitting and when you are finished met us back at the sleigh” For the next hour I was in heaven the touch of the silk and satin against my body and legs. I wanted to just die when it was over, with a heavy heart I slowly walked back to the sleigh. Even the sound of Christmas music could not cheer me up. Back at the sleigh Santa was waiting, “I want you to deliver this gift to a Mary Shepard she is ten and this will be her last Christmas for she is going home to be with the LORD for is dying of cancer for her mother and father can’t afford this gift and I know you will bring a gift of love and joy. Now I have a very special gift for you when this is done.” I was placed back in the sleigh and off we went.
I woke up early the day before Christmas and I had just finished breakfast when I remembered what I was asked to do. Running back to my room I look all over, where was the gift I was to deliver. On my night stand was a note, “You will not be able fine the gift until seven PM this evening when you’re to deliver it. The Day dragged every minute was an hour and every hour a day. Still my heart was pining for that dress and wishing I could just once more feel it against my skin and legs. Mother came bring my favorite drink hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream sprinkled with nutmeg and a piece of ginger bread. Mother I asked, I know I am a boy why couldn’t I have that dress that was in the window? Given me a kiss I Darling I would love to give you all the pretty dress in the world.”
Finally seven PM came and the gift laid there on the night stand in its green and gold wrapping paper with a bright red bow trimmed in gold. I clutched it to my chest wishing someone would bring that special dress so I could dance all night long wrapped in its silk and satin I signed. The snow was falling as the streets were in a blanket of white with the red, green and yellow lights sparkling like stars.
The house was run down and the steps creek as I climbed them. I could hear a mother’s voice singing sweetly as a child clung to her side giggling with joy. I knocked on the door and the tiered old woman answered the door, with a smile she, “Please Sonny come on in and warm yourself by the fire” I have to give this to Mary from Santa Clause himself. The girl opened it with feeble hands and upon seeing the dress a miracle happened. The dress was on the girl and it and the girl were dancing as if there was nothing wrong. Mary came over to me and with a bright smile, “Thank you and may God Bless you and your love ones” kissing me and like a down of a thistle she and her mother danced their way into heaven right before my very eyes.
I don’t remember the walk home for the joy in my heart was greater than all the dresses in the world. I eat supper with mom and told her all that happened. With a soft loving voice mother handed me this boatful package if was addressed to me. When I open it there was the dress I watch form a far, in no time I was wearing it and I heard a voice Merry Christmas and to all a good night.
nedpepper nedpepper
61-65, M
Jan 12, 2012