My Crossdressing Friend

A few years ago I lived for a while with a boy who loved to dress in girl clothes. During the day he was a hairdresser and most of the time in that job he wore a black vinyl catsuit with pink lacings on the side, as well as high heeled platform shoes.
But it was at clubbing nights that we excelled as a couple. As his girl friend and companion, I provided the real female touch by dressing and behaving extremely provocative with an emphasis on displaying those bodily aspects that he did not possess. This permitted me to wear some outrageously revealing outfits.

On a typical night he would wear black vinyl pants, high heeled platform shoes and a satin pink shirt whilst I wore a red satin strapless dress with an extremely short flaring skirt with a black petticoat. I gave it that extra flavour by wearing no g-string with it, so that my bare butt and fanny were easily visible.

One of his favourite outfits was a blueish silver vinyl micro skirt with matching bra top, which was worn with matching over-the-elbow length gloves and boots and a light blue wig. It was one of the few outfits where he showed a lot of mid riff skin.
On that outing I wore a black and red latex dress that left my full breasts totally exposed. With this I wore black platform shoes with an incredible 25 cm stiletto heel.

But we also went to other places than raunchy nightclubs. For instance, we loved shopping together. On one such occasion we decided to dress in similar outfits consisting of cut high waisted tartan skirts and tight fitting white silk blouses. I was in a pink tartan whilst his skirt was a black tartan.
The funny thing with these outfits was that people were wondering who was the cross dresser and who was the real girl.

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Jul 31, 2012