Our Stepson In Panties

My stepson was 11 when we suspected he had an allergy to cotton and 13 when we confirmed it. I didn't know what to do except to start him wearing his sister's nylon panties.  He has worn panties since and this has stopped the terrible rashes.  I learned after that there are alternatives including male underwear that is not cotton but he became used to the panties and in fact liked them over male underwear.  He started with plain white nylon briefs and graduated to bikinis when he was 16 or so.  Now he has quite a selection incuding several pairs with lace trim.  I was bothered by this at first but now am not.  He has also come out as gay but that has nothing to do with wearing panties I'm sure
graine graine
26-30, F
1 Response Sep 24, 2012

You're right - his being gay and wearing panties are two separate issues. Although I'm sure his willingness to accept wearing nylon panties at age 13 was part of discovering just who he was. In any case, your willingness to allow him to wear panties for his medical condition was so accepting that it probably made it easier to accept other things about himself. I've known of straight boys with a similar allergy who were put in panties to treat it and just accepted and came to like panties as underwear. You did a smart thing.

Yeah, they really are two separate things. In fact, the majority of panty wearing guys seem to be straight and a lot of gay guys are bothered by guys wearing panties for some reason. I just enjoy both and don't worry what others think.