Most likely, many of you have seen some pictures of Alexi.
He is a wonderful boy, who's mother dressed him in what ever clothing he desired. based on the photos, Alexi was a very happy and cheerful child and enjoyed what ever clothing he was wearing. Be it at home, at play, on trips, at the beach at school or the ballet etc.
His mother had the sensivity to let him just be what ever he desired and let him grow up with no sensitives towards his identification and published many wonderful pictures.
Unfortunately this had stopped a while back and while we still can enjoy the pictures, there are no new ones available and we do not know what the situation is with Alexi. It would be wonderful if his mother would let the friends of hers know what the situation is. I am certain that Alexi is still a very happy child and hopefully can still enjoy the freedom he was given by his mother. See the photos on the web-site, below
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Now you have me wondering.
Are those newer ones then 2009?