A New Body (Part 2)

We sat in my office I turned to Carl is there any think we can help you with yes he said when do I get breasts well when you see the doctor he will start you on hormone tablets,as you haven't reached puberty yet the rest of the transformation will be easier. Your mom will help you with girl stuff make up clothes and your hair and we are also here to help but also you will need a new name what about school well next term you will go to a new one to start a fresh.On the way home he said he wanted to get some presents well we will lend you some money and you can work for us ,he got flowers for all the woman and picked hip flasks for the men
. When we got home the family were in the garden he apologized to everyone and then gave out the gifts lorraine thanked us what did you say to him we told him the truth that we had been were he is now.The next day he helped me in the workshop tidying up after lunch i asked would he like a go at welding he picked it up straight away i showed him how to do the iron work as well.At tea time i told Lorraine how good he was it must run in the genes,as a treat dad took us to town shopping we bought Carl a load of girls clothes back home he said i think I'm going to enjoy being a girl.
. The next couple of weeks he learnt all about being a girl from make up to doing his hair he also had to get used to peeing sitting down Lorraine and our mom were quite firm with his education when he got it wrong they would smack his bare bottom.It had been a couple of months since his transformation and he would be starting school with his sister he had chosen Carly as his new name.
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Nov 14, 2013