Yeah Pee!

Yesterday after swimming we were warming ourselves in the sun, and my little friend fell asleep. I was enjoying looking at him lying on his back, and after a while he started to move his legs just a little bit. I thought he was waking up and I wanted to comment him for his boring company, when I saw a little wet spot appearing on his swimming trunks. He king of wiggled some more, still lying on his back, and then the wet spot quickly grew and I heard the sound of the pee flowing out, and it actually showed streaming on the outside of his trunks. And he just slept on for some time, turning first to his side and later moving on his belly, and I had to wait for maybe half an hour before he slowly woke up.

He was still on his belly, and lifted his head a bit and saw me and said hi, and he asked me how long he had slept. So I told him it was more than an hour, and I was just thinking of waking him up.

Then he turned around, and he very clearly had a stiffy :-)

His swimming trunks had dried however, there was just a white stripe showing until where the pee had spread. When he saw his stiffy making a tent from his trunks he smiled, but when he saw the white stripe he didn't know how it had got there. So I told him he had peed in his sleep (which I had enjoyed a lot), and when drying up it must have left a salty stripe as evidence.My friend didn't look too surprised, but he was curious about the salt, and he wiped his finger over it and put it in his mouth to taste it. Yeah, it is salt, he said.
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Nice!I could see it happening as I read.thank you.

You and he shared a nice experience.

If u want, I could send u videos of me going weewee?

do you have wee vids ?

I wanted to message you, but I can't. Maybe you can add me, then we can talk some more.

It says u have privacy settings

Kik me at johnm113

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Great and hot story! Wish I was there

That's a very nice story. He must have enjoyed himself laying in the sun like that and just letting go while in your company.

totally agree! has to be outstanding to lay there in the warm sun and let it go. No wonder he got a stiffy. great story

What kind of swim trunks did he have- shorts or speedo kind?

Blue speedo-ish.

I think this is the best thing i've read on here yet. I envy you.

Thank you.
It was probably my most erotic experience so far ;-)

cool !

Hi could you add me please

nice wish i could be there

I wet my swim suit all the time at the lake or beach. Sometimes its more noticeable than others :)

Yeah im pretty sure everyone is doing it :)

How old was the boy

He is 14, I'm 15.
We're in the same school, different classes.

Do you ever try to sneak a pee out in your pants together at school now?
Could it happen sometime

I'm afraid I won't be able to stop in time, I find it too exciting!
But I have been wearing drynites to school at a certain point, and I leaked in them for sure :-)
My friend sometimes leaks a bit, and it happens at school too. He is cool about it so his classmates don't tease him (anymore) for that. I think they avoid him a little bit :-(

thats really fun that he peed his swimmers. did you have a stiffie too?

You bet!
I was having the time of my life :-)

did you think about peeing in your swimmers too after he did it?

I would love to have a friend like that. You would like to see me sleep as I pee most nights in my pajamas or briefs.

do you soak your undies every night ?

Most nights. Usually undies and pjs

hope you and your friend can have some more fun with each other!