Most Girls Have Peed Their Panties (in My Experience)

I like to see girls pee their panties! it all goes back to the day in school when a girl sat next to me just put her head down on her crossed arms and peed her panties at her desk. I don,t know if she was ill or what? but she was 12 years old. At the age of 14 another girl peed her panties whilst stood so close to me (I was sat down) that I could almost feel the warmth, I could hear the hiss and smell the fresh pee smell. At 15 I asked a girl sat in the bus seats behind me (another school trip) why her friend was so quiet and the girl told me she had wet herself!   whilst sat on the bus and would I help cover her when she got off the bus? (the wet girl looked up at me so pleadingly that it had a profound effect on me....I knew this wetting was a big thing!!!)   since those days and over a varied life and career I have known all kinds of girls and women to pee in their panties for various reasons, desperation, deliberate  or just  for the sheer hell of it, (wild girls - the kind who will do anything for a dare, no matter how outrageous) and girls who do it for the feeling of being a naughty girl. The scariest is the (I,ve had two g/fs like it) kind of girl who in the middle of a crowded street/mall/fairground, will say look at my jeans, or will put yr hand to their crotch and will pee madly soaking their jeans etc in front of everyone...the look of crazy excitement in their eyes is the scary bit, the sex after is usually wild - especially if it is soon after while the high is still intense! Another kind of girl I have met is the one who will wet her panties in company, she would be desperately upset if anyone knew (except me of course) but gets a thrill from wetting herself in company and they have no idea of the outrageous thing she is doing. (Usually she has done this since childhood) One girlfriend I had was a bedwetter, not always, just when anything was worrying her, work or school, it had always been the same, if worried she would wet the bed until the problem was resolved, she must also have had a weak bladder because any sudden shock would cause her to wet her panties, not a downpour but just enough if she were wearing jeans to leave a wet patch and soak her panties. Actually I have had several g/fs who were bedwetters, some of them, after I had asked them to wet for me became confimed thrill wetters, they had always enjoyed the feeling of waking up wet (or jusy gotten used to it) but also found they enjoyed having wet panties under a even enjoyed the smell of wet panties as they dried on her....obviously it was only something she could do at home or when alone. Yes all in all I have been fortunate and can say that only two of my g/fs have ever said that they have never wet themselves....I,m pretty sure they were telling the truth.....most of the rest had wet themselves after the age of 13 at some time or other in varying circumstances and stages of embarrassement, but many of them had discovered that girls wearing a skirt actually have a distinct advantage over men. In that, if we men need desperately to pee in public, with no available facilities, we must find somewhere discreet, perhaps a tree in a park, or somesuch. A girl in a skirt can just discreetly pee through her panties and down her legs, all she has to do to avoid discovery is to stand on grass perhaps, or if it is raining and the pave/road is wet, so much the better. Even a well educated rather 'posh' g/f once surprised me, I told her what turned me on, she said nothing positive, but months later, we were walking in the country when she asked me to turn around and stood there with her skirt hitched up peeing through her very expensive silk panties!!!! I asked why it took so long for her to do this for me? she replied that she had peed her panties twice since I had known her on the way home from parties, but she had been discreet and was wondering how long it would take me to 'catch her at it'!!! (presumably by spotting her wet legs) she had given up and so gave me a 'full on' demo. She, being a party girl had long known the secret that she could pee her pants under a skirt and get away with it...more so a long dress (she told me that she had often peed under a long ballgown and so had many of her friends, even since their teens and first experiences of balls and parties, one popular venue had big doormats near to the large doors to the patio....she and her friends would stand on these mats and pee down their legs into the matting! But why I asked? "Darling balls are so much fun you don,t want to waste an instant and going all the way to the 'Ladies room' is so tedious and besides you might miss something whilst you are away" something of the psychology of the ballroom set was revealed to me there. So any of you girls who reply to this, please tell me where,why how, if you discovered this secret early on? it seems it was well known to all my g/fs, to some as a convenience in it,s own right and to some as a last resort.
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Fair enough, I respect your opinion And I dunno what the "Mau Mau' is :L

The 'Mau Mau' were a Kenyan sect who....well perhaps you might have heard that a boy child of certain African Tribes is/was required to go out and kill a Lion to prove he was a man, some had to eat it,s heart......well with the 'Mau Mau' they believed that if you take the child of your enemy and eat it (yes eat it!!!!!) you take all of its 'life force' unto yourself and become stronger......some of these people became heads of state and sat in the UN council...scary eh!!!!! thanks for respecting my opinion, I do honestly respect yours, like we sometimes say "Its a funny old World, but its the only place we,ve got".

Weeeeeeird. ha, yeah

I am sure it does sound gross to you. The sexual acts of gay men sound gross to me, but I am assured by gay friends that they enjoy them. I have known people who like to strangle themselves half to death and dress in rubber 'gimp' suits, this is definitley not a turn on for me, so let us assume that all people are different, and also assume an attitude of give and take, it is a similar story with beliefs and religions, but I do think I would tend to draw the line at say the activities of the 'Mau Mau' if they were still around? oops maybe they are?

Never tried it, it sounds gross....

I had a girlfriend who would go suddenly incontinent at the strangest times, and sometimes one leg would shake while she did it. I could make her pee if I tickled her. But alas, she was more into her cocaine than she was into me, and sometimes she was extremely psycho. She went back to Philadelphia, presumably. <br />
My ex-wife would often pee on me, if she was in the mood to. I've had other girls who would **** themselves when drunk. And of course, there's the bikini...<br />
But I like your story about when you were a kid in school. I too had similar experiences. I'd like to bump into those girls now that they are all grown up, and remind them. Maybe they would be so kind as to repeat, or reprise for me?

Please girls...comment...I,d love to hear from more 'posh' (to non UK persons this usually means well educated/wealthy and with impeccable manners). girls. Perhaps not UK girls....'posh' girls from around the globe, who have also discovered that it is possible to pee discreetly in a skirt/dress?. Just anote to add to my story.....I found at school (and after) that it was the delicate girls that were more likely to pee their panties....perhaps I will write some more on this subject in a seperate story?.