My Mom Likes To Watch Strangers Pee In My Mouth

When i was about 10 my mom said we were going to go to the gas station to get some stuff. I came along and she said first i have to pee when we get there. She took me inside the bathroom with her and walked me over to a spot in between the sinks and the first stall there was quite a bit of room. Then my mom said be a good girl and when girls walk in if they want ill ask them if they want to pee in your mouth, if they say yes then let them and drink it. Be a good girl and squat baby so that they can pee in your mouth easily. Then two girls walked in both about the age of 15-16 id say, my mom said good day ladies would you like to pee in my daughters mouth right here, she will even lick you clean so you dont have to wipe if you would like. The first lady moved forward and pulled her skirt and panties down and then positioned her ***** over my open mouth. Then she started to pee right into my mouth and i swallowed. Once she finished she said lick it clean please. I didnt know what to do so i just started licking, i licked up all the pee and she stepped away and pulled her panties and skirt back up. My mom said she would be right back and she went into the stall. The ladies friend stepped forward and pulled her shorts and thong down and peed in my mouth. Then she said lick me clean. I did and as i was licking her she rubbed her ***** too and squirted into my mouth and on my face then pulled her shorts and thong up and they both left. A bunch of girls continued to come in and **** in my mouth and some took pics as they peed in my mouth. Overall that day i think i drink the pee of 32ish girls. My mom still has some of the pics and remembers that day a lot.
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I like this story and would like to pee in your mouth too

send me pics

do you drank all of it? very crazy but hot!!

could I get a copy of the pics so exciting

Great story!!!

OMFG! To have such a wonderful and Kinky are Such a lucky girl!!! I wish I could find a sweet little girl like you who likes the taste of **** and enjoys drinking **** from other girls and women as well as boys and men!!

Oh I would love to position my you know what ontop of your mouth and just moan and grown and let it all out then lick me clean till I squirt all over your mouth and face then lick my **** clean tillthey shine

we will need to see the pics

What a great day i would have loved to see that !

My mom was much nicer to me! She took care of my boners, never made me do anything to her and would have never shared me with a stranger.

you think she would take care of mine now ??

Would love to have been there and seen that

am redy to take pee

i like to see pics please

Did u get to pee while in the bathroom

agreed, hot as **** story.


Awesome story I would love to hear more

soo hot

That is an awesome story....i was close to hard by the end

you probably looked so cute being pissed on

I remember the first time I was informed she would be peeing into my mouth and I was to swallow. Her best friend and the husband of her best friend watched so I would not be able to deny it.

SO fu::: hot

great story im soaking wet from reading it i would love to see some of the pics :)

that`s super hot! so many girls and guys have pissed in your mouth up to now?

This is an awesome story, did you enjoy it and do you still do drink pee.?

you have a wonderful mom to do that with you

i like it i wood love a woman or girls to pee in my mouth

Wow, that is super hot. I would love to be on my knees and have a female stand in front of me and pull down her panties...then with her ***** right over my mouth....pee in my mouth and then let me lick her slit clean...just like you describe. I know that I would shoot *** in my panties while she pees in my mouth! Tris

Damn you incredible - would love to have been there watching

Yeah, ever thought about uploading those pics?