Impotent Not Him ..but..

The man was good looking and young. Any woman's dream but he wanted something from his wife, that was uncommon. He wanted to watch her with another man. The first reaction by the wife, was not me..sorry..but too much pressure and she gives in, after all she has limits too.
The man gets his friend from college days. He tells his wife, that the first time would be she is a bit anxious and afraid too. They get his friend's medical report for any possible problem.None. So, physically it is settled.
The man then slightly drugs his wife, and she is some what unclear of the entire episode friend wants to take over..So, it starts as a sexual encounter but slowly, the other man gets possesive...he is enjoying his wife tremendously to the point..that he doesn't want the husband to watch.
Wife, is also becoming reluctant to be watched, so the husband decides to be a partner and not just a onlooker. The friend gets annoyed..and he then plans a very dangerous trick.
When..the husband was about to enter..he cuts off the **** starts to jump around and the husband is almost dead..the wife gets the **** and calls 911 , with instand medical help the **** is refixed...but it doesn't get erected after the operation.
You may get turned on but , will the other man get turned off !
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And the moral of this fine story is? ;-)

never share your wife ;)

and if ur sharing then dnt interfere.....