Boys In Nappies

It's always hard to put your finger on exactly why something is so attractive. But it's true, good looking boys in well padded nappies are so sexy. Is it the padding itself, or perhaps the knowledge that the lovely guy is about to use his nappy, or maybe already has - perhaps there's that slight sag, a change in colour, the puffing out tof the plastic crinkles? And isn't great to feel that fat padding over his bum, and maybe also his crotch, or perhaps the bulge of his jeans over his soaked nappy? And then of course, is imagining what he looks like underneath, big or small, cut or not, shaved or hairy? Maybe he's hard already in anticipation of his change. The boy doesn't have to be pumped up, although that's nice, but a soft body and even a little puppy fat is very babyish. And if he's sucking a dummy/paci and cuddling his favourite toy, so much the better. And that's leaving out the look in his eyes that says "Change me daddy, pleeease"
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

Just the right amount of "puffy padding" makes everyone look more attractive.