I Like It When My Wife Teases Guys When She Is Naked In A Secluded Non Nude Beach

The last time that she did it was about a year ago. We were in Malta and weather was fine so we went to a beach in the north. Further in to the main beach we found a small secluded beach and later we learned that guys like to go to take that glimpse of some couples exposing themselves.At the time we arrived there was no one there and we thought that it was all for us. My wife was wearing a tiny white bikini and showed most of her body.She went in the sea first and I was placing the towel on the sand when I noticed that my wife was smiling in the direction of a big rock that was partly in the sea.I thought that she may had thought of something nice and was feeling happy so I just did not bother to ask her anything.After a while she came close to me but still in the see asking me if she could take off her top. i definately said yes and she responded by swimming back to where she gave that nice smile earlier and started removing her top ver sexy as if she was giving a show. this realy turned me on and thought that she was trying to tease me but at a glance I saw a shaddow from behind the rock and new that there was something beyond my immagination happening.I pretended that I was going for a walk and let my wife seeing me walking further away until she could not see me anymore, letting her think that I was going far away and let her on her own for a while. i immediately found another way round and was soon on top of a close by rock were I could see what my wife was doing. Soon two men joined me and told me to go with them to have a more advantage place closer to watch the sexy girl in the sea as they told me she was very hot and sexy (referring to my wife) My wife was teasing a man who was lying naked on the rock. She started touching her erected nipples and smiling at the guy while she walked out of the sea closer to him and with a sexy move she started taking off her tanga. The guy on the rock started touching his erected member and soon  started to chat with her and the guys next to me asked me if I was going with them near there other friend maybe we are lucky to have a go with that girl they said.I told them that I was staying there and soon they took off their clothes and in no time they were all around my wife whom in turn wsa looking soooo hot for them.At that time I went down to my wife`s surprise and started messaging  lotion on her and brought her in a knealing position and all guys started teasing my wife with their hard rock ***** against her face. She looked at me to see if I approved and as soon as I noded to confirm my approval she grabbed their ***** one by one and started ******* and sucking them to my surprise. in no time one of the guys layed down and pulled my wife on top of him inserting his **** in her ***** while another penetrated her from behind something that she always fantasised of doing and now it all came through and in turns we all mounted her hard and took time to all *** in her face and watching my wife taking all three guy`s load in her mouth was a real and exciting pleasure I have ever head in my life.

Hope you enjoyed reading my true story.
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5 Responses Nov 3, 2010

That is one hot story and one hot wife.

yer I had a similer dream with my wife but then I all ways woke up,
as regards of malta beaches are very few and the rely good and secluded beach is nearly in accessible unless you'r a rely good rock climber.
I used to live in st Andrews sq just up on top of the hill

Thanks for sharing that well told recounting of your adventure! My wife and I have had similar experiences.

wooo, that is great .. please tell me what happend later? did you have fun at night club or the sauna or any where else, if i had your fantastic wife I would have a lot to do , I realy liked the story specialy when she asked your aproval to touch the other men and you agreed.. tell me how was she looking when the other man started penetrating her

If it really happened, it was great. Thanks for sharing such a horny story. You've got a great wife.