My first two years at college I roomed with one of my good friends from high school. It was your typical college dorm. My girlfriend (now my fiancé) would come over a lot on the weekends and stay over night. It was typical college life with lots of drinking and partying. My gf would always change in the room but in an area she thought was hidden from view of my roommate. Well one day he was at class and needed me to email him a file off his computer that he needed for the class. So I helped him out but got curious while I was on his pc. I had taken nude pics of my gf and wasn't very careful with them on my own laptop. I knew my roommate found my gf sexy so I went snooping to see if he snuck my pics onto his laptop. I found a folder he named "naughty (my gf's name)" and I opened it up. He had indeed managed to get my private pics of my sexy gf in all states of undress as well as the two of us *******. I felt that mix of jealousy and horniness and instantly got hard. I kept scrolling down and was floored by what I saw. My roommate was sneaking his own pictures of my gf while she was changing or passed out. Apparently she wasn't to careful when changing cause he had pics of every inch of her body. Fully nude, bent over, everything visible. I jerked off right then and ther to those pics. I told my gf about it and she was a little upset at first. But one night her and I were drinking alone and we started fooling around. She brought up the pictures and said it turned her on that he was sneaking those pics of her. We had great sex talking about it and she agreed to not change the way she undressed in our room.
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Hot ! looks like she became a full blown exhibitionist !

glad she liked it... sexy she liked showing off..

AWESOME story please add me would like to see and hear more :)

hot hot hot


Preeeeeeeeety Hot. Was a wonderful opportunity to try a 3some :)

This does sound like a fun turn of events that give enjoyment to many. So have you checked to see if he has any more photos of your GF? Have you two taken your new fun to other places where different people might also catch a view of her? The possibilities are endless...

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