A Tease @ Chuck E. Cheese & More

For those that may not know Dawn is my gf of a god while now she's crazy adventurer when it comes to public exposure, as well as public sex and other fun games. She's 29 and I'm 23, she's very tiny, barely 5 feet tall, very small, brunette, she has 36 C cup breasts, and a very nice ***. Creamy white skin, with a gorgeous smile, a babe. We're highly sexual, and will try to get off anywhere, and any way we can. So, this story begins in Chuck E. Cheese. What Chuck E. Cheese is for those who are unaware, it's basically an arcade/play place for infants and young kids. Though most babies cry at the sight of the costume rat, it's literally every kids birthright to go at least once. Well a friend of the family was having a party for their 9 year old son. I thought he was a bit old for the place, but whatever it's his party. Naturally, my mind was in the gutter, thinking of what I would have Dawn wear this night. She immediately frowned and told me no, I jokingly said "what? I didn't even say anything", but she knew lol. As she was finding something to wear, I suggested she wear a sundress cause it was a bit humid that night, and anything else she wore would probably be uncomfortable all night. She unwillingly agreed, but mind you this wasn't the grocery store one, mentioned in an earlier story, but very similar. It to had spaghetti straps, but not so loose. It also wasn't see through white, it was black, but barely covered her panty-less ***. The best part of course, was that it left none to the imagination, to how plump and perky her boobs were, it showed ample cleavage and the sides showed a good 40% side boob. It was definitely risky, and looked like a good time, so she chose to wear it and some sexy flat black shoes she owns. She wore her hair up, and with a quick glance, you could tell she was naked underneath.
As we headed out, I asked her," so how far are you going to let things slip tonight", she responded with "We'll see". With that in mind I stayed optimistic as we arrived. Now I didn't feel comfortable with revealing her to little kids, so I made sure it all happened inside where it was dark, away from toddlers that were def too young, like 7 and younger for example. In my mind at 7-8, a boy knows what he sees and is either excited about it, or disgusted so, anything younger was unacceptable. As we made our way in, I waited outside for about 9 seconds longer to make it look like I wasn't with her, the plan I secretly had was about to commence. It was as if her perfume entered the air vents, as every guy just above 15 turned their head, husbands and all and stared. I had to double check to see if her boobs were out, it was a little awkward with all the attention for no reason. With no wardrobe malfunction in sight, we made our way to the party table. Claire the mom of the birthday boy, gave her this "ugh, can't believe you wore that here look". We both saw, but payed no attention to her, I told Dawn, that that dress was way too safe. She looked at me and frowned, I then smiled and suggested she take the straps off in the bathroom and tuck them inside the inner top part, so it looks like a strapless dress.
She protested at first, saying her boobs won't hold it up, I told her to go in there and splash cold water on her nipples, if anything her nipples will hold it up. She reluctantly accepted the challenge and headed to the bathroom. I kept my distance afterwards, didn't want to scare off any potential pervs, or cocky guys from hitting on her or more. As I sat at the table across from her, she made her way back, with each step you could see her boobs bounce, it was very seductive. The dress didn't have enough wind to push it up, but her nipples did stick out a lot, they were very obvious by the time she got to the table across. She texted me, that she was getting excited, I told her to calm down and scoot to the edge of the booth she was in.
She scooted over and opened her legs slightly, I motioned for more, she spread them open a fair good way, the dress was so short it was almost around her waist already. Her ***** was on full display, as men with their wives walked passed, and husbands heads constantly going down as they passed her by. It was very sexy the way she caught their attention mid conversation. A few wives noticed, rolled their eyes, and held on to their husband tighter, it was hilarious the affect she was having on these people.
One guy noticed her from a good 20 yards away, slowly walked over to her with a sort of "wannabe smooth swagger" she smiled trying not to laugh, he took it as a flirt, came up to her and asked her the usual bs, hi, your name, do you have a bf, are you here with someone, she just responded with yes to get him to leave quickly, "he wasn't her type" she said. He also was locked on her ***** lips while speaking to her, wasn't the smoothest move on his part.
She got tired of the stares and decided to play some games. Before she could move, i texted her that air hockey looks like fun, as she was checking her message, she pushed her boobs a little out of her top, her areola peeked out and some guy that worked behind the glass case with ticket prizes noticed. After a good 30 seconds of drooling, he started to hit on her. She just continued with the usual bs, told him her name, but told him she was single, and looking to have fun. He smiled and said maybe something after he got off at midnight, she said maybe and was about to get up out the booth. As she motioned to get up, she dropped her phone on the ground out into the walkway a little to her right. Facing forward in the booth she twisted and leaned over to pick it up, while doing this she forgot the no straps, and as she reached, both her boobs fell out of her top. Sort of flopped/fell out, it looked so damn good, in full view she grabbed her phone, and as she was sitting back up straight, a little boy about 9-10 was right there in her face walking to the restroom behind her. His head not too much bigger than her right ***, got an eyeful of Dawn, I had the biggest smile, as she turned light pink and covered her beasts up. The kid just stood there with his mouth open and started laughing, and continued to the restroom. She looked at me and face palmed. The guy working there saw everything, but didn't say anything.
She got up and walked over to Air Hockey, terrified of the upcoming events.
As we walked over to it, I stood to the side, and she started to play against the Claire. I think Claire, wanted to play along with us in our "fun", or at least make Dawn regret wearing the dress. She noticed Dawn's outfit, and said that's actually very interesting what you have on Dawn. Are you sure you want to play, Dawn said yeah, don't chicken out, we already put the tokens in. Claire looked at it as a challenge, and her inner child kicked in. She got the puck first, but said you know what you can go first, Dawn took it as a win, she felt confident in going first. Claire knew her top wouldn't stay on, if Dawn hit it as hard as she could by going first. So Dawn put the puck down and asked if Claire was ready. Claire just smiled with a bring it look, I smiled with anticipation, as did 2 other guys that noticed Claire's plan as well. Dawn hit the puck, and with the force of hitting it, just as we all thought, her right breast came flying out, following shortly after, the left boob came out with it, Claire didn't flinch or anything. She proceeded to hit it back with equal force, Dawn not prepared for the puck in her sudden state, struggled to hit the puck back. Not tending to her top, continued with the back and fourth for a good 10 seconds, back and fourth the puck went until Dawn got it in. 1:0 she said out loud, with one hand in a fist. Guy next to her said, nice ****** ****, Dawn again red, said " omg I forgot" and fixed her top. I looked at her like " bullshit " lol, She smiled at me and continued, this repeated several times til Dawn won, and by that time she had several guys watching the game, cheering for Dawn as she scored. What Dawn didn't know was that hitting that puck and leaning over to reach it when it was in the middle several times, her ***** was on display since the first serve. But no one mentioned it, because they knew she would fix it. As she put the handles down and walked away towards the table again, her dress was around her waist, her *** and ***** on full display to the restaurant. As she got around to where she could see our table, she noticed kids walking by and staring at her in the face, then at her waist. After the 4th kid, it clicked as she looked down and felt the breeze between her thighs, she quickly, pulled the dress down to cover her ***** in embarrassment, she hadn't planned on flashing toddlers. It was priceless, and of course pulling down her dress pulled it off her boobs, and they spilled out yet again, this time it fell to her waist, exposing her whole upper body, embarrassed even more, she pulled it up slowly, making sure it was all covered. She covered her face then sat back down. Looked at me sad, and I just couldn't help but laugh and smile, she voiced I hate you, and I continued to laugh. I walked over to her and blocked anyone not in front of her view. We talked for a while until they brought out the cake. They brought it to our table, which was weird, didn't think anything of it, apparently the birthday boy wanted it at our table, so I got up, and he got in with Dawn. Dawn scooted over, causing her dress to come up over her butt, she didn't want to fix it, cause the boy might look down, so she left it where it was and sort of scooted up to the table to hide her *****. Dawn was like "umm, you gonna let me out?", and he's like " no I like you". Everyone went awe, and so they lit the candles, and he hugged Dawn with his left arm wrapped it around her lower back. Now this little boy just turned 8, and he looked so innocent. But ,apparently he had a plan to expose Dawn for a good laugh. His two friends and him had been sitting right behind Dawn all night, and of course we thought nothing of it, but apparently they had been looking down her dress the whole night. And when you look down it, you can see almost everything but her nipples. We thought they were just playing around, and just being kids you know, bugging everyone, and so on. But they had touched her boobs several times, either with a swinging hand, or bumped in to them, but again we thought nothing of it, accidents happen, One even laid his head on one boob, pretending to be tired with his mouth almost near her nipple ever. Never touched her nipple but like kind of flicked her boobs a few times with a hand on "accident" , it seemed innocent, and not planned or anything... But..we were so not prepared for this. Apparently, every time her breasts came out that night, they were there looking from somewhere, we later found out, and Claire was outraged.
Anyways, as they sang Happy Birthday the two friends were behind Dawn, they were also about 8 or 9. As the singing was going on, the boy was strategically pulling the dress down in the back, bit by bit, everyone could see it happening.Dawn, of course was just singing along, thinking everything was fine. As the song was almost over, he took his hand from around her back, her dress was now on the edge of her boobs on the front, I mean you could see her areola and everything, you could see her hard nipple through her dress barely keeping it on but WAY down in the back almost to her butt. As he blew out the candles, he reached out and yanked the front of her top down to her waist. All the way down to her lap, his knuckles pressed against her *****, it startled everyone, but immediately was followed by laughter. Everyone, about 9 kids, their parent or parents, guy that flirted with her behind the counter, me, hell even Chuck E. saw her boobs pop out, then the two friends behind her, cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples softly with their thumb and index finger. Dawn immediately gasped at what was happening she looked down at the small hands on her nipples cupping her breasts, suddenly a picture was snapped. This whole time Claire the mastermind, told the two boys to grab Dawn's boobs when they came out, they improvised the pinch. And Claire, smiling, was waiting with the camera. Dawn completely embarrassed removes the two boy's hands quickly, and reached down to bring her top back up. Everyone got a good laugh, she was turning red like a cherry, it was so bad for her, but I couldn't help but enjoy the moment. It was so sexy, and bad at the same time. But overall, it was a real fun night.

We have not went back to that Chuck E. Cheese in about 8 months, I don't think we will be allowed back. Claire will prob pass on us next year, Oh well we made a good memory.
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Nov 27, 2012