She Said Ok

It started innocently enough.  I loved seeing my wife live out her exhibitionistic tendencies, with low cut tops and a sparkle in her dark blue eyes.  After months of gentle flirting, she asked the check out clerk in the grocery store if he wanted to play a game.  It was late at night and the store was practically empty.  She told him that if he could guess the color of her bra on ten occasions, she would give him a reward.  No surprise that it caught his attention and he asked what it would be.  She told him that when her score card got to 10, she would let him see her in a thin, black mesh top.  Just like the one she was wearing.  When he seemed disappointed she added that she wouldn't wear a bra that time.  He perked up again.

She went grocery shopping once or twice a week, always wearing something that gave him half a chance of guessing right.  Like letting the edge of the strap show, or bending over when putting groceries on the check out conveyor belt.

When he got about 8 right she started making it harder, wearing a light jacket over her blouse.  His batting average started to suffer.  But one night, after I succeeded in persuading her, she went to the store wearing a white lace top without a bra.  But with a jacket over it.  It was quite late when she went, and she asked him to help carry the groceries out to her car.  She had done this before and he always obliged.

When she got to her Miata she opened the trunk and he started putting the groceries in her car.  While he was busy she took off the jacket and put it on the seat next to her.  He came by to say goodnight and she asked him what color bra she had.  He looked intently for a minute, puzzled at first, then said, "My God, you aren't wearing one."  She looked really hot, with the pink of her nipples visible through the lace.  He reached down to his pants, adjusted himself and said, "****, you gave me wood."  She smiled and drove home.

When she got in bed, her panties were drenched.

Best of all, this wasn't the last of her games.

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She must be a hand full of a woman! She sounds like alot of fun.