4Runner Fun

After our experience with the grocery store checkout clerk, I was anxious to have my wife take things a bit further.  It really wasn't too hard a sell, because she is fundamentally an exhibitionist and she knows how much I get off on it.

I persuaded her to fill up our 4Runner at an all night gas station which was about 20 minutes from our home.  She was wearing a loose fitting black lace top without a bra, with long belled sleeves.  I was in the back of the SUV, hidden by the dark glass windows.  It was about 2 or 3am when we pulled into the station.

She filled up the 4Runner with gas, then went into the station to pay.  She had spotted the attendant as we pulled in, and I had heard her say, "This is going to be easy."  The guy was in his 20s and nice looking.

As she came to the counter she said to him, "Do you like this top?  I think its kind of fun."  Then she told him that she had three girl friends, living in different parts of the country, and they had a sort of club.  They would play a game, and the loser would have to do the next activity on the club list.  This time it was that the loser had to show her **** to a stranger.  So, if he wished, it could be his lucky day.

He came around the counter towards her, and grabbed the hem of her blouse and pulled it up, exposing her ****.  Without hesitating, he put his mouth on her left *** and started sucking.  She groaned, enjoying the unexpected sensation for over a minute.  He then asked if she wanted anything else, and she said, "Well, the other is feeling a little neglected."  So he sucked her other ***, even longer.

He stopped and asked if he could touch her vagina through her jeans, and she said that was fine.  Again the sensations made her stir.  He kissed her both on the mouth and **** when he rubbed her ****.

When she returned to the car she told me that she had gone a bit further than we had planned, but I assured her it was fine.

As she drove out of the gas station she said, in a low voice, "Damn.  I can't get over how easy that was for me."

A week later I convinced her to return, this time on her own.  She drove the Miata, and wore a bluejean dress that buttoned down the front.  When she walked into the station, the attendant didn't recognize her for a second (because she was in a different car).  But when he did, he smiled a huge smile.  She had parked away from the gas pumps and invited him into her car.

They made out in the car, with him kissing her and unbuttoning her dress.  It was soon open and her breasts were clearly visible in the moonlight.  He told her how beautiful they were, and alternated between sucking her **** and kissing her.  As he did so, he continued to unbutton her dress, down below her red lace panties.  They were French cut, and he pushed them aside with his fingers and started rubbing her ****.  Her breathing became heavier.

He was wearing a pair of loose work out sweats, and his **** was sticking straight out.  As he was sucking my wife's ****, she reached over and touched his **** through his sweats.  His body jumped when she touched him.  She started massaging his **** through his pants, and while they kissed she reached inside and played with his naked ****.  First with one hand, then with two.  After teasing him a long time, she spit in her hand and started jacking him off.  She felt him tense, but he was very quiet.  She continued jacking him, then asked if he had already ***.  He smiled and said, "Yes."

She took her hand out of his pants and brought it to her lips, licking it.  He grinned and said, "You're wicked."

luckyhubby luckyhubby
56-60, M
Mar 14, 2009