Perfect Panty Lines

What make perfect panty lines? The panty lines depends on the panties of course. I like two types of panty lines. The nice clean panty lines that come from high cut or French panties. This style give a nice high and narrow V shape that glides gently across the ***. It ends with a nice narrow bottom V. The gusset looks like an upside down smile. The other style is Bikini cut panties that have the lower wide shaped V. Briefs also make a nice panty line but are harder to see because of the lower leg holes and the wider gusset. Panties should be just a little tight like they are caressing the butt. Not too tight cause it looks like they are grabbing a handful of ***. The best panty line are still visible after the panties are taken off. They have nice little mark across the *** where the panties were. Slacks make the best panty lines Pencil skirts make really good panty lines as well. Of course see thru and thin dresses make really good panty viewing as well. My favorite game when I see a good panty line is trying to guess what type of Panties she is wearing and what color they may be. Ahhh good times.
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I agree with you. Panty lines are really very horny.

Saw a good one day, sweatpants, the whole bikini panty line top and bottom.