First Experiences

My earliest experiences with showing my own pantylines began in school. I began to notice guys had fixations on my underwear when they would constantly be trying to catch a glimpse. Then a friend sort of "confessed" in a joking way that my pantylines were "sexy". So started a secret that even until today, I use to pick up my mood.

There is nothing better than going to morning yoga class at the Uni, flashing panty/pantylines =), before, during, and after class.

melissayoga melissayoga
26-30, F
5 Responses Jan 17, 2013

thoughtful gal xo

I would definitely enjoy seeing your pantylines. Which type do you wear? Tight fitting bikini and cheeky types with normal elastic bands are what I like. Very nice to see "sexy"

i wonder do you have the *** for the lines?

would like to watch you go to yoga just for chance to glimpse panty lines

Do you show the actual panty, not just the VPL?!