Fun Pee Desperation Game/fantasy!

I find male peeing/desperation very attractive and it really turns me on. I fantasise about it often and I had a really great fantasy today. Im just wondering would anyone else find this fun or this really strange??? Feel free to play this with you partner. anyway here it is!!!

1. Get him to hold his pee for a very long time. Drinking a lot of water and making sure his bladder is completly filled and cant hold much more. Make sure you have to pee badly as well. Then watch him struggle to cope with a full bladder for a while.

2. Go into the bathroom with him. Take a large bowl. (big enough to hold contents of an extremly full bladder). make him watch you while you relieve yourself noisily in the toilet. Make sighs of relief and comfort. Tell him how great it felt to pee. Then flush and turn the tap on and let it run. When he is absouetly busting make him take his trousers and pants off so he is ready to pee. Hold the bowl above the bathtub (in case of overflowing!!!) and hold his **** aiming it into the bowl. Get him to hold the bowl for a second and push down hard on his bladder so he loses control and starts peeing. Take the bowl back straight away and hold his **** while he is peeing into the bowl. Tell him to make sounds of relief. Swosh his **** around to make it intresting. But just enjoy aiming his ****. If he begins to overflow the bowl let him. and tell him how amazing he is at peeing. When he is finally done do this. (if the bowl is heavy and full of pee you may want to set it down somewhere. Grab his **** and swosh it around inside the fresh bowl of pee.

This sounds really fun to me so let me know what you think and if you and your partner and intrested in peeing games like this and would like some ideas then please let me know!!!!!! x :)

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i envy him

Uuu yea i kno my wife n her bff will love this game cause its hot n also cause they love torchering my bladder n uuuuu yea i love them for it so match n i love doing the same ting to them to

Yes, even though it sounds like fun, it needs to be more of a contest than the female controlling the action (although that sounds exciting too!). Then, the first one to pee his/her pants, loses. How is the loser punished? And for how long? An hour? 12 hours? 24?

I'd go for short sharp press so he needs to pee that at the moment makes him clench against it, then just as he relaxes to lose it, do again - exactly as for a woman. Add to that, that bladder and sex oppose each other even more for a man than for a woman, who might pee when she ****, and he doesn't have the possibility of internal pressure on the vagina or womb to give a deeper excitement.<br />
<br />
It can vary according to feelings before too, maybe more than for women. There can be times when it's impossible to control leakage and others when it's almost impossible to 'go' through an erection.<br />
<br />
For a woman it's all discrete hidden away between her legs and if she's turned on, wet anyway. For a man, it's up front where she'll see it (and he'll feel it) all over him and in conflict with need to *** that would spurt into his pants in a different way, all that is far less holding back against yourself.<br />
<br />
Women are still often sexually shy and that makes men reluctant to push them to what they may want but feel embarrassed to admit to, for fear of the man coming across as some kind of sexually dominating ogre.

This is a great idea. Of course if it was a mutual contest, then it would be more exciting...