And Who Doesn't?

Any straight or bi dude, and any les, or bi girl all want to see them; so I fugure that is about 75% of the population.
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Probably even higher % than that...

Theres nothing that looks better, add me so I can see yours

I think you are completely correct. Please add me.

Women are just so perfectly designed unlike men. I had a girlfriend who was 53 (ten years older than me) and who looked fantastic with no clothes on. Luckily for me she also loved posing nude and photographing me both naked and in women's lingerie (including her own !).

I guess you're right and three quarter is probably underestimated.

I can't think of a women I wouldn't be interested in seeing naked. I might not think she was attractive, but I'd certainly be interested to see. As far as dudes, the only time I care to see a guy is when he's an accessory to a naked woman.

For sure, a naked woman is an awesome site, especially if she takes care of herself and is somewhat flirty!

Only if the girls are hott. :-)

Only 75%

Couldn't agree more, do you have any pictures to show?

At least...I was kind of leaning more towards 90% as the female form is aesthetically pleasing and appreciating such heavenly bodies does not have to be sexual...