sometimes it's better to just listen rather than speaking,because in speaking you just repeating what you've heard while in listening you can get important things and ideas.,right???
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you are absolutely right but somehow you need to tell something and speak out because you are voicing what you have in mind and what you think about something so to have a better communication it includes speaking,listening,sharing of ideas and answering some issues?So what are you taking up rhyn and how did you know about ep for the record,though if you browse my profile you will be shock that i am from the Philippines too yup and i speak hilonggo,bisaya and the national language tagalog...ha,ha,ha opo at kabalo sadko binisaya or cebuano,hambal ilonngo pod eni?see were unique in everyway and yeah im glad were friends.

mau jud!!!!muslim ko peo kabalo ko mg cebuano...napancin ko nga na filipino ka kc complete words talaga ginamit at maganda ang pgkaka construct ng sentence...ang mga americano kc slang ang ginagamit.....taga wer ka sa phil?????

Ooo.. love that!

You are so right. So why do I open my big mouth so much? Possably it is to hear my brain rattling like a pea ln a pod. Lol

Yeah, I agree. Its so much better to be a listener.. :)

Do you know!!, i agree with you there, my young friend!!, spmetimes i think in some cases, it is far better to listen than to speak!!!, :-) <br />
Thank you!! for sharing! :-)

yeah. unless they are just repeating what they have heard too! sometimes there just isnt anything worth listening to. just like sometimes there isnt anything worth saying. sometimes its appropriate to just be silent, and everyone listen... :)