My Gay Fantasy

It all happened so quickly, I don't know where to begin. One minute I'm a 38 year old straight divorcee and successful antique dealer living quietly alone in London. A harmless and peaceful man who is rather shy yet confident in my abilities and comfortable with my place in the world.
The next I am the subject of another mans lust, I am his prey, his toy, his vulnerable quarry. He shapes me, molds me and controls my mind body and soul.
I never know when he will appear to grasp my strings and make me dance like his puppet to the tune of his liking. Sometimes I wont see him for months then he appears in my life and everything stops, my world comes to a halt. My shop closes and I only leave the house to buy essentials and only then when he lets me. The focus of my life is narrowed down to a tiny point, just me and him alone in my darkened house where he takes me deep into the very depths of intimacy and sex through a mixture of psychology, seduction, fear and subservience.

His visits are totally random and differ in lengths of time. Sometimes He is unexpectedly there when I return home from work waiting for me, he toys with me for an hour then leaves without a word; other times I awake to find him naked lying next to me ready to begin a month long session of intense psychological and sexual training which can take weeks to recover from.

All of this has been happening without the knowledge of my friends and family. I have always been a loner so no one comes looking for me when I fall off the grid. This is my darkest secret, a secret which throbs at the centre of my being, a secret which makes me shake and palpitate, it's a secret which makes me so aroused it hurts. Most of all it's a secret which needs to be told; so please let me tell you how this came to be.

My name is Luke, I run a quiet antique shop in London's Hampstead which despite being a desirable and expensive location it has a rural atmosphere and is known as Hampstead Village. My house is about a mile down the road in a beautiful place with few neighbours and opposite a large expanse of woodland known as West Heath. I love living and working where I do, I have all the benefits of living in one of the most vibrant cities in the world but with my shop in The Village and my house next to one of London's finest and wildest open spaces; for all intents and purposes I live a rural existence.
I separated from my wife about 8 years ago after a happy but ultimately unsuccessful 12 year marriage. We separated for a myriad of reasons but most of all because she wanted kids and I did not.

So I had been living alone quite happily, just plodding along without a care in the world until he came along.

It all happened so quickly, subtly but quickly. It was early afternoon I was at my shop and it was quiet as usual. I was sitting in my cluttered little corner which serves as an office checking my email and there was one that said "I have been watching you" I thought it must be spam and was just about to delete it but my curiosity got the better of me and I opened it.
Despite the rather creepy and sinister subject of the email it was a beautifully worded invitation.

"Dear Luke

You don't know me but I have been looking for a certain special man to fulfill a very important and extraordinary role. It's a very demanding but ultimately rewarding role but one that is only suited to a certain kind of man and I think you fit the criteria. You are an intelligent, healthy, single, thoughtful and gentle man with his own place plus from what I know of you, you have a nice personality and you are pleasing to the eye.

Reply today if you want to know more"

To say that I was curious would have been an understatement. Apart from the rather disconcerting idea that someone I didn't know had taken an interest in me, been watching and researhing me; I was intrigued and if I am to be honest I was rather flattered. I didn't know if this person was a man or woman, was this a business proposition or a strange romantic gambit?

I replied immediately thanking them for their kind words and expressing my eagerness to know more about them and what "role" they were talking about.
For hours I sat by the computer waiting for the follow up reply but nothing arrived. It was evening time and had just got dark, I was about to close the shop and head home when I heard my computer 'ping' telling me I had a message. My heart fluttered with excitement and I hurriedly opened the reply.

It was short but devastating. It said:

"I will visit you a few times in the following week and put you through a few tests. If you pass them you will be the one. PS:Your curiosity could unmake you"

I was more confused than ever, I still had no idea who they were or what they were offering and what to make of that strange and intimidating line "Your curiosity could unmake you?"
I sat there trying to work out what was going on when my email pinged again with a follow up reply.

I opened up the email but this time with some trepidation.

It said.

"Look at these pictures, they are of me. I want you to look at them carefully as you sit qiuetly alone tonight. I will contact you tomorrow so you can tell me how this affects you. Don't reply to this, just follow my instructions and await for me to initiate contact PS:Your reaction to this test will be your most important one, you must reply honestly or I will know"

Attached to the email was a zip file to download. I realised my hands were shaking as I guided the mouse to the download button. Once I had downloaded and unzipped the attachment I sat staring at the mysterious folder entitled "Me"

I had a strong sense that this was one big perverted game and I knew I should just delete the folder, ignore the emails and maybe even contact the police but this mysterious person knew me, could come and find me; plus I can't deny that I was very curious. Very curious indeed.

Finally I closed my computer without looking inside the folder, closed my shop then drove home. It was a cold clear winters night, I parked my car and got out but this time I realised I was scanning the woods and open ground of West Heath to see if anyone was watching me. Not only had I good reason to believe I was being watched it now dawned on me that I lived opposite a place notorious for gay cruising. Perhaps there was a gay man stalking me and watching me now!
I got goosebumps, felt extremely vulnerable and exposed and hurried to my door. Once inside I went to the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine, gulping two glasses in haste to steady my nerves. Once I began to relax I sat at my kitchen table sipping my liquid courage and switched on my computer.

I didn't give myself the time to think I just opened the folder and sat there astonished at what I saw. My heart was slamming in my chest, my hands were shaking uncontrollably and my face was burning hot with what I can only assume was self consciousness or embarrassment.

Inside the folder was a gallery of artfully taken photos of a naked man. Amazingly shot with the use of shadows and light to highlight his body. Many were silhouettes revealing nothing more than the outline of his nudity. In none of them could I see his face. I had never seen a man like him, his body had sensual curves instead of being like most men, either angular and muscular or bloated and overweight this man was graceful, he had poise, curves and a sensuality.

There was one picture in particular that grabbed me like an industrial strength magnet and pulled me in.

It was of him reclining arrogantly in a chair with his arms behind his head his face lost in shadow. He was wearing nothing but a pair of long white socks which were bunched and baggy around his ankles. The room was in almost total darkness accept for the light streaming through an open door illuminating his body.

I could see the pinkness of his nipples against the smooth whiteness of his chest and stomach, his body was smooth dry and hairless accept for powerful bushy black hair under his arms and framing his highly erect penis which seem to ripple with strength and tapered to a puckered pink tip which was pointing directly up at the ceiling defying gravity. On the floor by his feet were his discarded underwear and what seemed to be a collar and lead.

To my horror and surprise I realised I was more erect than I had ever been, but how could that be I wasn't gay. I was sure of that. I snapped shut my laptop and sat there in shock with my heart pounding and my penis tingling like it was electrified. I poured myself a glass of wine and polished it off in two gulps then opened another bottle and downed it. It only just bought me back from the brink of shock, I stopped shaking and I had my body under control but my mind was still going crazy.

Who was he, what was he going to do and what just happened to me. Surely it was a one off. I wasn't gay and I would tell him so when he contacted me tomorrow and that would be the end of it.
After that I could forget about this strange intrusion in my life and things would return to normal.

I poured myself a whiskey and went to bed.

That night I had the most vivid dream that I was being chased through the woods by a faceless nude man who catches me and collars me and I awoke with a start just as he was tearing my clothes off. To my intense embarrassment and woe I was erect and my underwear was wet. It was still dark I looked at my alarm clock and it said 12am. I looked down at my crotch, my undies bulging and wet and I couldn't help it, I touched myself -god it felt so good- I pulled down my undies freeing my penis and caressed myself and to my shame I was thinking about him, him in his chair with the collar at his feet, him chasing me through the woods with his erect penis bouncing and pointing at me, him tearing the clothes from my body exposing my nakedness to the cold night air.

I came so hard my *** splattered against the wall, then I drifted off to a peaceful uneventful sleep.

When I awoke in the morning I had a bad hangover and had slept with my undies down around my knees. My state of undress immediately reminded me of my dream, my midnight erection and the emails from the mystery man which had led up to it.
It all felt like a dream and less threatening in the light of day but I felt a deep sense of shame and decided I would stick to my plan of telling him I wasn't gay and wasn't interested.

I spent the rest of the day as I usually do,taking calls, dealing with online orders and welcoming the shops occasional visitors but in the back of my mind I was aware that I had to try to stop what he was doing and tell him I wasn't what he was looking for. Whenever I thought about that my heart started racing, I got serious butterflies and most worryingly thoughts of him naked flashed through my mind and I felt my body stirring.
This would cause me to blush and shake which made me feel totally helpless like he was in my head and turning my body into jelly; but try as I would I couldn't stop thinking about him.

It reached 1pm and I was about to go to get lunch and my computer 'pinged'
I jumped and scurried back to my computer on shaky legs. His reply was there in my inbox making my emotions and adrenalin surge, I felt so weak I couldn't stop my hands shaking and I realised I had to get this over with.

I opened his reply and it was one sentence:

"tell me what happened to you emotionally and physically last night"

By now I felt I was able to tell him. I told him I wasn't gay and wasn't interested but politely (and rather feebly) wrote "thank you for thinking I was your type, I'm flattered"

His reply pinged back quickly. It said:

"I didn't ask you if you were gay or even if you were interested in me. I specifically asked you what happened to you emotionally and physically last night? You didn't answer my question but in a way you have passed your first test. Your denial was far too eager, that is the denial that comes from a man who is awakening to a truth which he doesn't want to accept. It always begins there Luke. Denial comes before acceptance. Straight guys rarely protest their innocence as if they had been accused of something. I will be visiting you soon so keep an eye out for me and be ready"

Attached to the email was a black and white jpeg of him with his face in shadow, wearing nothing but a long leather trench coat and black leather boots; the trench coat hanging open revealing a tantalising glimpse of his nudity, his penis semi erect and he was holding the collar loosely in his hand.Then I noticed he was standing in an open space, A wooded glade which I recognised because it was West Heath. Opposite my house.

I stared at his picture my heart pounding as his words flew through my mind and I shook uncontrollably as my penis grew so hard it hurt. Oh god I wanted to touch myself but I wanted to stop this whole confusing game, I wanted to go back to my predictable world where I knew who I was and I didn't have a stalker who could control my mind and body making me question my very identity.

I decided that honesty might be the best policy so I replied, I told him I had been excited by his pics, that I had a dream about him and *********** thinking of him but that I wasn't gay and wanted him to leave me alone, I practically begged him to stop but no reply came.

The phone started to ring and wouldn't stop, I was too perturbed to answer it, I couldn't talk to any customers in my state and what if it was him on the other end of the phone! That idea terrified me.

I bent under my desk to unplug the phone and stop it's incessant ringing causing me such paranoia. As I was under the desk I heard the shop door open and the bell above the door ring.

My heart skipped a beat and I looked from under my desk to see a mans boots. Black leather boots! I was absolutely shocked to my core as I heard the door lock slip closed and the flap of the sign being turned from open to closed. Then he spoke.

He had a husky ever so slightly camp voice and said:

"Stay under your desk Luke" I gulped and croaked as his boots clunked slowly around the table until he was sitting in my chair with me crouching in the foot-well by his feet, dumbstruck and stupidly holding the telephone wire. I could only see his boots and his long leather trench coat not his face. He said:

"So you dreamed about me last night Luke?"

I was speechless, shaking and cowering under my desk, he prodded me impatiently with his boot and I stammered "y y yes"

My face was burning with embarrassment and my adrenalin was coursing through me making me feel faint. Then he did it!

He undid his long leather coat and let it fall open revealing himself to me. I could see his naked body properly for the first time, his pale fleshy, meaty yet sensual long legs starting with those black lace up boots and going all the way up his thighs to his bushy black pubic hair and his long uncut semi erect penis which was draped over his thigh and pulsating. He parted his thigh and ran his finger up his left inner thigh where there was a brown mole, like a beauty spot. He said: "I want you to Kiss me here Luke and when you do it you must say 'please' every time your lips connect with the skin of my thigh"

I reached out my hand and touched his boot and said "I'm not gay please stop"

He ran his finger up his thigh and over his manhood which responded and grew before my eyes until it was defying gravity between his pale fleshy thighs and pointing directly at me. With shaking hands I gingerly touched his smooth bare knee and said "no please" but my penis was betraying me as it strained against my trousers as if it was reaching out to him. Just then he placed his booted foot right on my crotch making waves of yearning physical pleasure course through me as he ground his boot down on my aching penis and commanded "Kiss my secret place Luke"

I felt like I had been possessed, taken over by a demon. It was as if my whole existence was channeled into obeying his one demand, my whole mind and body driven to obey and kiss his beauty spot which was inches from my lips. His raw bare thighs stark and real in my intimate little cubby hole under the desk. Feelings of utter defeat and shame welled up inside me and fed into a raw sense of unchained primal lust which felt boundless in it's enormity.

I obediently nuzzled my lips and nose between his thighs and his manhood hovered over my face casting it's shadow over me.

I saw how sensual his beauty spot was highlighted against the smooth, pale flawless skin of his inner thigh and realised the intimacy and vulnerability of my position. I breathed in smelling his musky manly sex scent then I kissed his beauty spot and whispered "please"

His skin was soft and warm under my lips yet his legs felt cool, meaty, naked and vibrant under my hands as I respectfully clung to them.

I was suddenly overwhelmed with feelings of deep sexual belonging, it was as if I had arrived home after a long journey and I thrust my face on to his inner thigh. My nose and lips were mushed against him as I hungrily licked, kissed and sucked his beauty spot and caressed his penis feeling its throbbing manly sexuality and savouring how it felt as I fondled the very source of his power.

I cried out "please, oh please" he comamnded "again" I surprised myself as my voice went up an octave and I chanted "please, oh please, oh please, oh please"

I knelt as low as I could and nuzzled my lips and nose against his low hanging shaven balls and used both hands to pump his sexy throbbing manhood and run my fingers through the shock of black bushy pubes which started as a thin line under his belly button and bloomed into a sexy shock of pubic hair just above his proud shaven manhood.

I licked every inch of his balls chanting "please" as he tugged my hair and groaned "mmmmm I have got you" then it happened I came in my undies as his foot crushed my penis and I licked the tip of his penis for the first time and kissed his pouting foreskin as if it were a pair of lips. Then his manhood twitched in my hands and I was showered by him.

His warm creamy essence splattered my face and neck in strong rhythmic bursts which lashed across me like a liquid whip causing me to gasp with every intimate blow. I sat there shaking like a leaf still clinging to his left leg as I realised how filthy I now was. Wearing wet soiled undies with his *** all in my hair, across my face and on my neck running down my chest over my nipples and soaking into my t-shirt.

I whispered "Who are you" as I ran my fingers over his beauty spot and he said "I am your teacher, that is all you need to know for now" with that he pushed me to the back of the footwell with his booted foot and pulled his leather coat around himself hiding all of that raw naked power he had been displaying, then he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the collar I recognised from his photos and threw it at me saying "wear it when you are alone and be ready for my next visit"

With that he stood up and walked out of my shop and I realised I had just been totally seduced and broken not only by another man but by a man with no name or face, my mystery man, my teacher. My mind was lost in thoughts of him and what he had done to me as I crawled out from under the desk and stood on shaky legs before fainting as the sheer gravity of what had just happened hit me

To be continued

lukeyboy1974 lukeyboy1974
41-45, M
Nov 28, 2012