My Beautifull Girl Friend

hi I am a fifty years old man , who is lucky enough to have a beautifull 26 years old girl friend, she is very sexye and open to expereince .
We live in the emirates and in few club I let her go flirting with guys , and normaly she attracted attention but we did not cross the path yet.
On holidays we were determinated to do it in Africa , but nothing happened, but in Paris we went to 2 swinging club and we did not realy do anything but it was a progress.
Now we are back and I think are ready for me to be a cuckold and for her to enjoy younger, powerfull, better looking men.
Obviously my dream would be black men.
I was cuckold before , without my consent , and I realy thing it is a good feeling .
So if anybody have any suggestion, want to share ideas or confession , I am ready to exchange.
By the way I am not a wimp , quite tall and with responsability over more than 500 hundread people.
that is it for now,
wannaletmygirl wannaletmygirl
46-50, M
7 Responses Aug 10, 2010

hi hope u are still in dubai and we could be in touch...cheerz

let me know if u come to cairo, u will watch wonders

I would love to **** her.

hello im wiating 4 u my friend i m sure u will be too happay with me i ll eat u r sexy wife

hi pls contac me on u will be too happy wiht me i m strong smart man<br />
i m onest i like to **** white wives of old rich men and to work wiht them whatever they want like driver and **** thier wives everyday and anybody they want me to **** i like only white women of super rich men

hi majed , with pleasure give us more details about yourself, i read you story about ******* olders men wife that is nice .<br />
i want to **** u r girl