Broken, Bruised And Repaired

I'm A SURVIVOR of sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse for approximately 20 years.

I was sexually abused as a child by two uncles and two cousins at ages 4, 7, 11 and 13.
At age 14; almost got raped by a boyfriend I had for just a few months.
I went through physical, mental and emotional abuse from age 16 - 25.
I married at age 20, only to file for divorce a year later because the abuse was too much to bare.
Right after the divorce was final I met another man who later would hospitalize me, I was 23 at this time. I had returned to this abuser 13 times before this incident landed me in the hospital.
I dated another man shortly after who would later hold a 357 to my right temple while I was driving home and told me, “oh, if I kill you no one would care.” This relationship ended shortly after this last incident. And then another who would punch me in my stomach as I drove on the busy freeway out of anger. This relationship last only 5 months and then I left him.

In August, 2007 things changed and I regained my life back. I know that is only by the grace of GOD that I survived. I realized my worth, my potential and my strength. I give all the HONOR and GLORY to GOD because he saved me and I am born again. He has given me a peace I never thought I would have again, HE TAUGHT ME TO LOVE AND FORGIVE.

I am a full time student at night; perusing Criminal Justice. If the Lord permits it, I will be an attorney in the next 6 years.I am grateful I have been able to live through all this because I AM NOW A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS.

I have done speaking engagements to help others who may think they are the only ones and to show them how great the LORD is and that he can bring you from anything. He has the last word when it comes to our lives.
He can take life just as he gives it, if it was not for him I would not be where I am today.
I am extremely blessed and I am so grateful to be alive and honored to serve him.
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Wow! What a very good story. Indeed, surviving that kind of pain is a miracle from God alone! Hope we can be friends and have regular communication here. Thanks!

You're so strong and you inspired me... God bless!