In The Desert Until Step In To The Canaan Land

My life was very tough. Parents had never well educated me. They sent me to the high school that people full of discrimination, hates, riots and drug abuser. I didn't make friend with those bad students but these situations were discouraging me from study. I wasn't interested to study but my parents let me down. I begged them to send me to a private school but my dad very stingy and didn't want to spend money on his children education. I have parents with nasty attitudes.

I was pregnant in 16 year-old and stay in relationship with my boy friend. It wasn't work out with many arguments and fights. We were in 7 years relationship and have 2 children. After we split up, I was struggling to bring up 2 children. I was very unhappy and bitter. I went home to live in my parents. Every day I got humiliation, my parents treat me like a dirt and beggar living in their house. It really hurt me. They never treated me like a human being or their child. They often said I shouldn't come back to their house.
One day I got a job and separated from them. I was so happy and relief but I face another problem for the living because of uneducated. I worked 16 hour a day and feed two children. I couldn't pay for the baby sitter and must the children alone in boarding house. I was so sad for them because sometime they didn't have dinner and go to sleep although I had cooked and told the 9 year-old daughter to feed the younger brother. It was my pass.

God has answered my pray from get a visa to came living with my fiancé, moving away from my country, married to a good guy and get education. God has set my way to come to this country that I can get free any education. I am so happy. God has showed his plan that I would able to send my son to the top university in this country. Jesus always guide my way. I have past the dessert and step in to Canaan land. Jesus never broke my heart. Our family can be unsupported but God never made me disappoint. Jesus never let me down. He help me in many way.
God is powerful. I love Jesus with all my heart. I want to be faithful to him all my life
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This is a beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes. God bless u and ur family. Thanks for sharing. :)

I will edit the grammatical errors on the story.