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My Personal Testimony

I grew up in a non-christian environment. Truthfully I can not remember being fed any type of religion. Through school I learned that Christians were there to be made fun of and ridiculed which I did without a problem.

 When I was about 15 I went with a new friend to a "youth revival". They sang and preached and I mocked the whole thing. At the end they had an alter call and I thought I would go up just to be funny. When I went up I was overcome with an odd spiritual feeling.I uncontrollably wept and people around me gave me comfort.I would not submit though and had no idea of what I would have been submitting to anyway. So the day ended and I rationalized it. I decided that I just felt the energy of the people in the room.

 After that I decided to study religions. I came to the conclusion that all religious people were insane.especially Christians who were also a bunch of hypocrites.It became a mission to study their bible so I could better argue with them which was easy because most did not know anything about the bible that they claim.This was my view until I was 27.

 I got married and had a child. My wife decided we should take our daughter to church. I thought we would go once or twice just to get it out of her system.We sat near the back and did not really talk to anyone. I listened to the sermon but nothing reached me.At the end was an alter call. I was shocked when my wife went up but when she did that same feeling washed over me.This time I submitted to it and gave my life to Christ.

I am now 34 and am the person who I used to make fun of, which brings me more joy than i could imagine.I would like to apologize to anyone whom this offends and I know that I was wrong in the way that i had judged people.I am not perfect. I am not fake.If there is one thing I would like other Christians to take to heart is this.People in the bible had a real relationship with God. They questioned him, argued with him. God knows our hearts so being fake with him gets you nowhere. People are always watching and judging Christians.BE REAL.Nonbelievers will take a Christians faults and imperfections and make them Gods faults and imperfections. And please don't hesitate to share your testimonies with others.We are a light to the world.

 God bless and please share your stories and testimonies here

live4god33 live4god33 31-35, M 3 Responses May 24, 2009

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i will definately pray for your husband and you.through God everything is possible

i need your prayers for my husband who is not saved.

I love reading peoples testimonies...It blesses me and makes me see that I can never please God by actions.I have to just have faith in Him.Oh How I love Jesus!Thank You for sharing.(((HUGS)))<br />
God Bless brother.