Trip To Remember....

Delhi to Mussoorie, in India. (Appx year 1993)
Just out of the blue in the middle of the night when our parents were sleeping my brother and 3 of my friends decided to take our dads car to a hill station 400 miles aways from the house. Before leaving the house we woke up our long time house worker Laali and told him we are taking the car and will be back after 2 days. What a trip! Things like these can not be planned. Youth is and being in a reckless age is another factor. I had just finished college and was visiting home from my first job as an account executive in a Fancy advertising agency called Trikaya Grey, in Bombay, now called Mumbai, India. My 3 friends were all gathered at my house just having some good time drinking, singing and playing cards. Girls were missed. (: Although inspiration for the trip was my Army friends girlfriend who was to join us but never came. So all 3 friends, Sameer, Deepak, Narayan, Me, my older brother the leader, whom we all for some reason called Mandy, a girls name in the US. (:
So Mandy took the lead asked everyone if were in for this adventure and the rest just followed.
 The first adventure was when we were stopped at a rail road crossing at around 4AM. My being a Army guy went up to the Rail Road gate keeper. At that time they were no automated gates. All major rail road gates were manned by a human being. So Sameer my army friend flaunted his ranks to the gate keeper demanding the poor guy to open the gates so we could pass. Gates are shut much in advance for safety. It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1hr for the train to pass.
Before my friend knew he had a gun on his head. To my friends surprise a special forces man was hiding in the dark. Terrorism was wide spread in this area so as a safe guard Indian government had special task force guys places at strategic points and high way rail road crossing were all marked by the special forces. We all were sitting in the car waiting for the rail gaits to rise so we could pass but what we saw made us all jump. Our friend was was walking with hands up in the air with a gun to his head. All of us got out of the car to our friends help. My brother is a smooth talker so he apologized and requested that gun be pulled away and our friend be let go as he was not a criminal or a any terrorist. After a while of negotiation and a big lecture from the security guy we were asked to sit in our car, wait for the train to pass and let the rail gate guy do his job. My poor friend sat in the back seat all sulked and sad after this incidence. His ego got a huge beating and he was now beginning to realize that he had made a mistake to come with us when his sweet heart was back in Delhi.

Will share more from this trip in Part -2. 
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Dec 14, 2012