I Shared My Wife 1

I shared my wife last night and all three had a great time. A friend I hadn't seen for a while dropped by. I invited him in for a drink. My wife H was upstairs, so I took him into the conservatory and got us both a beer. We chatted for a while, when H came out. She stopped in surprise as she didn't know Brian was there. She had thought she would surprise me and had dressed in a pink & black basque, with black stockings and suspenders, only covered by a see-through black slip. On seeing Brian she gasped and turned to go back in. I told her to stop and not be silly as she looked lovely and Brian was an old friend. Not so old really as he is only 40 but H is 52 and I am 59. She said "I should get dressed." I turned to Brian and said "What do you think? Should she get dressed?" He said "I'd rather she didn't. She looks gorgeous." He stood and kissed her cheek to say hello. As he is 6 foot and H is only 5ft 3 he had a very good view of the tops of her massive ****. She is a BBW with enormous **** with pierced nipples a lovely big bum and a juicy shaved *****. Brian moaned as he saw both beautiful mounds spilling out the top of her basque. H blushed. I told H to sit down between us and gave her a glass of wine. We chatted about general things for a few minutes and she started to relax. Her slip had ridden up completely, although she didn't seem to notice, and we both had a lovely view of her stockings bare thighs, suspenders attached to the basque and a tiny black thong. Brian could hardly concentrate on the conversation as he stared at my sexy wife. It was a warm evening and he was only wearing shorts and a t shirt and I could see a big bulge in the shorts. I realised that I was hard too as it was a big turn on to see another man lusting after my wife. Her slip kept getting caught on the arm of the chair so I told her to take it off "After all, you wear less on the beach." She looked at me to see if I meant it, because she could see where this was heading. When I nodded, she stood up and pulled the slip off over her head and dropped it on the floor. Brian moaned again and said "Oh that's fantastic. You look so sexy." H blushed again as I replied "She is sexy, aren't you?" and I reached out and pulled her left *** out of the top of the basque and pinched the nipple. She moaned "Mmm" and closed her eyes as she sat again in the chair between us. I said to Brian "She likes her **** played with. Why don't you get the other one out?" Within a second he had her right *** out and was squeezing it and leant forward to take her nipple in his mouth. I made up my mind then and there that I wanted to see my wife ****** by this man. She loves her **** played with and sucked, so any resistance was already gone. She likes to please me and will generally do what I ask her. I said "Why don't you two go upstairs and I'll bring some more drinks up." H looked at me again to see if I really meant it. When I nodded, she took Brian's hand and led him upstairs. I got some drinks and followed them up. I found them on our bed. He already had his t shirt and shorts off with just white jockeys on. He was quite tanned and muscular. H was laid on her back on the bed and he was laying next to her and kissing her long and deep, while again squeezing her ***. As I ******** off, I saw her reach out to feel his **** and she soon was pulling at his underpants to get at it, so he broke away to whip them off. He had a very nice cut **** about 7inches but quite thick and already very hard. She got up onto her knees to get hold of it and immediately leant forward to take it in her mouth, licking and sucking at it as if desperate for his *****. It was clear that he wouldn't last very long if she kept that up, so he pushed her back to lay down and moved down her body lickingand kissing her until he reached her thong, which he took off before dipping down to lick her **** and ****. She was panting and moaning and saying 'yes, yes please' now. As he did this i moved behind him to see a lovely smooth as with heavy balls and a nice thick ****. I stroked them all and he pushedback towardsme, so I knelt behind him and licked his arse and then sucked his balls and **** as best i could. He put a finger up her **** and soon another and then a third and twisted them around making her writhe around and beg him "**** me, please **** me, stick your big hard **** up my ****." He didn't have to be told twice and immediately moved up placed his **** at the entrance to her **** and said "do you want my big **** up your ****? If you do, beg for it" She moaned and begged "please, please **** my **** with your big ****. Put it right up me, **** me hard. Please give it to me. Fill me with your hot *****." He plunged into her without warning, going almost all the way in in one thrust. It knocked the air out of her lungs for a second and she gasped for breath before he pulled slightly out and then stuck it in right up to his balls. She was screaming "**** **** ****, yes shoot it **** me pleeaase". I knelt beside her head and put my **** against her lips and she eagerly sucked on it. I have nine inches but it was all about this new strange ****. He ****** her like a machine banging his balls onto her, in and out in and out until after a couple of minutes he groaned "I'm coming. take my ***** you ****." She took my **** out of her mouth and yelled "Yes shoot your hot ***** up my **** ****. I'll do anything to have your ****." With that he moaned loadly and I could see his buttocks contract as he shot loads of cream deep inside her. As he pulled out i moved down between her legs and licked most of his ***** out of her enjoying the combined juices of her **** and his ****. In no time i started to come and shot my own load of ***** right over her **** face, with her desperately trying to lick it up. Brian dressed and left quickly, promising to be in touch and we just lay there holding each other. totally ******. Hopefully there is more to come.
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Great storyy, thanks for sharing. Your wife has a lovely degee of confidence to sit down and enjoy her time with you and your friend after walking in on the two of you sitting with a beer and a chat. I would be so turned on to find myself in that situation. Loved hearing your friend's reaction, it must have been exciting for her to be so exposed and enjoy his appreciation and your approval. Good for you all. Glad you had a chance to appreciate one another in such a fun way.

Thanks for the comment. i have limited chance to write stories, but will addm ore when i can because we have done many more even sexier things over the years.