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My wife and I had one mutual friend she was permitted to ****. And **** we did. She is fixed so we both were bareback spit roasting her. She looked so fine with with two thick nearly 8" ***** in her. Our friend ********** the biggest thick *** ropes I have ever seen and I would always encourage him to pump his load straight into her tight little Bald ***** or tnto her throat, if she was ready, which we all loved. Watching her have multiple ******* as our ***** slid in and out was just AWSOME!
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17 Responses Jan 7, 2013

...I like your style of writing, just like mine !!!

...y thank u !!!

That sound so ******* hot. I would love to see that.

I bet she was awesome, I would love to see he in action.

Do you still share her?

Sorry to hear that. But you all need to get your mojo back. Let me know if I can help.

Agree on the delight of seeing a wife having multiple climaxes courtesy of two men.
Watched my with have three with our well-hung friend and he dumped his load too with her third. I climbed on so we could spit roast her and she sucked his dangling **** while I plowed her freshly used *****. All too soon she had another climax as I added my own load load.

You both are so lucky to get enjoyment out of what you do.

Your lady is sooo liucky,, I love the feel of my wifes ***** after.our friend pumps his bid load iinto her,, feels so good pushing my **** thru his ***

What a wonderful wife she is.

My God! What sane man wouldn't except men who are insecure about what they share as a coulpe? Too many men are too insecure to allow their wives to know another man intimately!

That's so hot!!!! Damn!!!

god bless your attitude great

Hello there.... I'm curious as to why you have asked to join My "circle"...
P.S. I can normally *** hard like that three times every two hours... and will repeat that over and over again.

Sire B.

Wonderful very lucky wife
Wish i could join in and give her oral after your friend has filled her with that ***
A womans ***** or mouth full of *** is delicious!

Great story

One super hot story and damn, wish I could add my full 8inch **** to your party too?
Thanks for sharing!

I'm your age and I believe you! Ignore the trolls!

Really? i just wonder if it's real ,your lifestyle, or creative writing? At 65 ?? Split roasted pig? Must of been a grusome site all that old flesh rutting, but I really am interested! Not that it doesn't happen, I'm just trying to imagine as i get older if this is what it comes too!!?? P-------------------------------

noooo! I meant, I'm sorry, but **** YOU! Sorry you're some phoney old **** whoHasn't had any in years so you write pretend stories! At least I will admit spelling' mistakes!! I've been on the road for years and can obtain an affidavit!! I know you can't and are full of it under some 'pretence' of being 'liberal' You are a lie and just got caught at it!! It only bothers your type of male!! Let it go!!

Do I detect an immature man? Or do you not realize to people our age...we know looks are not what counts? it's passion we all so
enjoy! Some day when you've aged perhaps you willl understand?