This Is What I Like To Do

We have been married for over 30 years and have been happy as a couple. She was married before, for a brief period in her early twenties. That came to an end when she walked in as a newly wed and found her husband in bed with another woman, so by age 25 she was divorced but still very hot. I was single and had always liked her so we started a relationship and got married. On our honeymoon night I found myself being intrigued by the fact that her gorgeous ***** had taken **** before, but I felt too shy to mention this. The notion thus stayed dormant until we had produced a family and they were starting to leave the nest. One day I told her of this and to my surprise she was not angered. We began discussing it and after some time we decided to find a partner and explore this as a lifestyle choice. We searched carefully and found a man with enough sensitivity and discretion to explore this idea. I introduced him to her and from the beginning things just went well. He felt great that he could explore a woman without any long-term complications, and I felt great to be part of this process. She was at first a bit uncomfortable and so I protected her, but as she gained confidence so she relaxed. Before we knew it we were having the most incredible encounters when two men simply became excited for a beautiful woman and explored her body in every which way. Our mutual arousal was evident as the actions by one party triggered a response in the other. We found this a very exciting thing to do and would like to continue with it if we find the right person. Our original partner was a professional man who has now moved to London so is no longer available.
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Jan 10, 2013