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Last September, after a particulary active summer playing with others, my wife and I went out on a warm Sunday afternoon and had a few drinks. I posted the following in our own blog http://seacoasthotwife.blogspot.com and I thought that the members here might enjoy our day.

A Fun Sunday: A Little Bit Slutty Hotwife

Monday, 9/21/2008 3:00AM

After an incredible week, and some big extramarital play by Ally, we went out for a late lunch and drinks in a trendy part of the city near our home yesterday afternoon. The weather was perfect. Sunny, mid to upper seventies and light humidity. Ally looked spectacular. She wore a very short thin denim surfer chuck skirt with buttons in the front that I bought her at the beach. She had on a black halter top t-shirt and a black zip up hoody. Just before we left, she ditched her flops and put on some very sexy strappy little CFM (*** **** Me) pumps. With the exception of the hoody, it was my idea of the type of outfit I always want Ally to wear when we are in a playful mood. Under her skirt she put on a pair of VS light blue lacy Brazilian cut panties. Her hair was down and looked incredible. All in all, Ally looked like a knock out! I suggested that it might be too warm for the hoody and that she might want to take it off. She said she might. I sensed she was feeling sexually confident today, radiating with that glow that comes with the knowledge that she can have what and who she wants whenever she wants it. I began to wonder if she might really want to play with someone new today. We started out having drinks and eating outside on the sidewalk at a favorite haunt of ours. The sun soon warmed us and Ally took off her hoody. I always think that a sexy blonde in a black t-shirt, short skirt and black heels is just plain Hot! And Ally looked very Hot!!!! We shifted our seats so I could get out of the sun under an awning. Ally had her back to the sun. We were both quite warm and Ally used a napkin to dry the sweat between her breasts. She took the opportunity to flash me and I took the opportunity to take a picture or two of her exposed breast.   She had started with one button undone on her skirt and while we were there she unbuttoned another. The day was off to a nice start. After we finished our late lunch, we wondered the down the street and stopped at a rather trendy upscale place that we had visited the week before on a Saturday night. We went inside and sat at the bar. Their weren't many people there when we arrived. Just a few couples and a couple of guys. We ordered some beers and had a cocktail or two. Earlier that morning when we had sex, and we spoke of her play time with Dan and Joey this week, I suggested she should find someone new and that I would love for her to just grab some guy in a bar and **** him in a rest room. She had a huge ****** when I said this. While at the bar, we spoke a little bit about Dan and Joey. She also mentioned some guy she has spoke of at work before. She told me again that he looked like me. She had seen him the night out with Joey and he had three girls draped on his arms and they spoke briefly. "He's ******* hot!" she told me. I knew my wife was up for the play, but given that it was Sunday afternoon, and she is generally a pretty shy girl at times, I didn't imagine that we would do much more than go out to the car and **** our brains out later. Which isn't a bad thing at all. We took a couple of outside smoke breaks while we were having our drinks. Neither of us are big smokers anymore, but factor in drinks and we tend to indulge. When we returned after our second break, a couple of guys had taken out seats. They immediately got up upon our return, but I knew that Ally would want fresh drinks. She opted for champagne. Oh my. So quickly the bartender served us a bottle of a fine bubbly. Champagne makes my sexy little wife down right horny so I wasn't about to say no. I also took the liberty on unbuttoning another button on her short skirt only leaving two buttoned. When she moved around on her stool I could clearly see her panties. After a glass, I suggested that we should take separate smoke breaks to avoid loosing our seats. Besides, the bar was getting a bit busier.
  I went outside and crossed the street. I did a bit of window shopping in front of woman's store admiring the dressy yet sexy short dresses. Soon I was chatting with some guy from the bar. I may have been outside for ten minutes or so before I went back across the street. When I returned, Ally wasn't at the bar. She had taken her purse but left our phones and her hoody. Assuming she went to the bathroom, I chatted briefly with the pretty blonde next to me. Soon Ally returned. Taking her seat, she look so Hot! And she looked slightly flushed and had a big smile on her face. I asked how she was. She said to me "I just had sex!". What? "I just had sex with the guy in the green shirt". I said "no way". She insisted, and turned around and pointed him out to me. I asked where and did she **** him. Then she took my hand and opened her skirt and pulled her panties aside. Her ***** was gushing wet. I put one finger inside her and she rolled her eyes backward. I withdrew and as discretely as I could tasted my finger. The unmistakable flavor of *** was in my mouth. I asked for details. She said "I looked over at him and asked if he was straight, and he said 'of course', so I asked him if I could kiss him. He said yes and so we did. Then he said follow me and we went to one of the bathrooms. Inside we kissed and he felt my ***** and I sucked his **** a little and then he ****** me on the counter." I asked if she came and she said yes. Wow, another fantasy fulfilled!!
  I asked her if she knew his name. Yes she did. And yes, they had exchanged telephone numbers. I asked if she was going to get together again and she yes, She pulled out her phone and sure enough he had programmed his number into her phone. By now, her new friend had exited the bar, so I suggested that she text him. So she did and asked where he was. He responded that he was outside and she asked if he wanted to get together again. He said yes. Ally asked me if it was OK, and I said yes and I gave her the keys to my car. Soon I watched my wife get up and walk outside and through the window I watched her follow this new guy around the corner. Maybe twenty minutes went by. I'm pretty sure that some people at the bar knew something was up. The guy who I spoke to in front of the dress shop even casually asked me if that girl was my wife. I proudly said yes.
  Soon Ally came back inside with an even bigger smile. She retook her seat next to me. She said "I am so bad. I don't know what I am thinking today." I asked if she had sex again. She said yes. I asked if she did it outside in an ally or in our car. She said neither. She told me " I met him outside and we went next door to the Starbucks. I sucked his **** and then he bent me over and ****** me against the sink. People were knocking on the door. He ****** me so hard and he came so much in me. " She also shared "He is really big too, not as long as you but really really thick, like a beer can." I again felt her ***** and there was no question she had played with her new friend. I asked if she had played with his friend too and she had not. Needless to say, I was hard as a rock and we soon finished our drinks and left. Went outside to our car which I had left in a parking lot. Ally posed for a couple of sexy pics before she climbed in the back and spread her legs and showed me her very wet *****.   After taking a couple of quick pictures, I put my mouth to her wet used ***** and licked and sucked her.   Clearly a lot of his *** had rolled out but this was probably the freshest ******** I had ever had besides my own. She was so wet. I quickly pulled down my own shorts and told Ally to suck me. I grabbed her head and thrust my hard **** in her mouth. I wanted her used ***** though. I pulled out of her mouth and just mounted her in the car. I just love ******* my wife's recently ****** *****. We ****** for a couple of minutes, but it was too damn hot in the car. So we straightened up and drove off.   a bit more and then went home where I sucked and ****** my slutty little hotwife several times last night.
  I'm still wound up which is why I woke up and had to write this. I'm sure we might have some more fun soon......It may be the end of summer, but if last fall is any indication, we are no longer just warm weather players. My sexy and little bit slutty Hotwife is again talking about playing with couples and maybe going to a Halloween swingers party. But she was very clear yesterday when discussing this a very hot, apparently bi chick was checking both of us out; "I love *****" Ally said.   Comments are always most appreciated..........

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4 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Love her attitude, and yours! Sounds like she is a lot of fun and you get to enjoy her afterward. More good times ahead for you both, the way things sound.

My wife is easy-going, confident like that. I thank my lucky stars. And I'm sure you do. We go out, and she's good looking, but doesn't have to flaunt it. We're best of friends and have done the same thing. I'll just have a smoke or two, and a few Mich Lights, and she'll be out behind the Tiki Bar, or whatever. Thanks for a great story. Totally believable, and she sounds hot.

very nice i wish i was the other guy

That's ****** awesome