My Latina **** Became My Wife


My wife and I have been married for ten years and enjoyed each other very much, but we almost did not get married at all. We had been dating about a year when a college friend invited me up to his family's condo for a ski weekend. He said it would be a group of guys from school but I  could bring my girlfriend. Tracy was hispanic and very  conservative. In fact, she had never had sex before we started to date so it was a big deal when she finally gave into me at 20 years of age. In spite of the slow start we had a very active sex life and  I looked  forward to a weekend of skiing and partying very much. Especially since she got incredibly horny after a few drinks which always resulted in alot of fun in the bed room. Unfortunately the night before we left I had to pull an all nighter at work so when we left friday afternoon I was already tired. It took a couple of hours to get to the condo and when we arrived everyone was getting ready to head out to a club. Tracy and I excused ourselves and  explained we would change and meet them at the club. Well changing turned into something else as I watched Tracy undress I saw her pretty brown *** and her pert **** and soon i was eating her p***y and f*****g her silly. When we were done we debated taking a shower but were already late and decided to dress quickly and get to the club.Tracy dressed sexy and looked great in her short skirt, tight fitting shirt no bra and a purple gstring . When we walked in and met the 5 other guys I took her coat and noticed all ten eyes go right to her chest as her n pples were cold and protruding. They all gave hugs and a kiss then she snuggled up to me. Tracy has a plain face but long curly dark hair and at the time a tight little body with sensitive nipples. She appreciated the attention as she was flushed as our drinks quickly arrived. I said some quick hellos to two of the guys I did not know and then took Tracy to the dance floor.  We danced a couple of songs during which she remarked she felt like they were all staring at her np ples and she felt uneasy. I told her to relax and that she looked hot then sat and finished our drinks, ordered a couple more and started catching up with friends. After another drink one of the guys noticed Tracy was bored with the guy talk and asked me if he could dance with her. I explained that was up to Tracy and off they went. Well one partner turned into 5 different partners over 3 or so hours and several more drinks. Tracy was very popular as there were only a few other females in the club and all seemed to have dates. Tracy came back and was much more relaxed and enjoying the evening and was noticeably drunk. I had hit the wall and badly wanted to get back to the condo and get some shut eye while John suggested the family hot tub So we headed back to the condo and went inside. A few of the guys went out to the deck and into the hot tub while Tracy sat on my lap in a recliner while we talked and had beer. Well sometime before I finished that beer it hit me and I was out cold. Tracy said she got me up and took me to our room but I don’t remember it.            I don’t remember anything until I was awakened by Tracy wearing a short. white , lacy ,see through top. She was kissing me and rubbing my hard c oc k. Then she quickly went down on me. She still smelled of alcohol and was obviously drunk and quite horny. After she got me sufficiently wet she straddled me and lowered herself onto my hard member. She felt so wonderful and incredibly wet. She asked several times if she was wet enough for me and how I liked it as she worked me like never before. Then she lowered herself all the way down while she lifted her shirt over her head. She looked so sexy in the moonlight coming through the uncovered windows just riding me like wild woman. Her hair was a mess and slightly wet but she looked natural and oh so wet. She tugged her brown n I p p l es and came very hard. She lowered face and kissed me hard. I noticed her breathe smelled of more than alcohol but did not recognize the odor or taste. She whispered evilly into my ear that she wanted me to taste her and quickly turned around on her hands and knees and backed her incredibly wet smooth womanhood up to my mouth. The lips were vulgarly gaping as I kissed and tongued it deep and hard enjoying the mix of her juices and what I believed was my precum and the remnants of our earlier romp. She tasted wonderful and asked several times if she tasted good and then demanded I suck her **** p u s s y harder and to lick it all out. After a few minutes of this and her performing a 69 and hand job on me my head was swimming as she looked over her shoulder and said “I have another treat for you.(with a wild look in her eyes) Do you want to **** my a s s hole, then lick it good” Which I eagerly did. But as I licked she relaxed and pushed her ******* open and out of her tight brown hole squeezed a line of white ***. I was shocked but strangely very turned on sure my little Latina girlfriend had been f u ck ed in every hole while I slept.She said “ that’s it lick it up and then f u c k it. As I licked as ordered she shook with another ******. I was mad but incredibly turned on. I quickly got behind her bringing my throbbing member to her shiny brown hole. My mind was swimming with anger, confusion but mostly lust as I easily entered her to the hilt as she met my thrust with her soft cheeks and a squeal. It was unsaid but understood what she had been up to when she turned and looked over her shoulder and asked me to kiss her which I did as I continued to punp her, She and I tongued each other deeply and when we parted she said, “ that’s right pump me full of your seed. Stretch my sweet as s. Your virgin girlfriend has been very naughty and you need to add your seed to her c u m reservoirs. “ At that I slowed down and asked what do you mean(as if it needed to be explained). And she went on saying” you never should have left me with all those men. You know how I feel and what I need when I drink I couldn’t wake you so I went back out and they asked if I wanted to get in the hot tub, Oh I did so I came back and put on my bikini wrapped a towel around me and went to the deck. Every one was in the tub and when I dropped the towel they all stared and made room for me. Oh it felt so good as I lowered myself into the warm water and my p u s sy was still wet with your juices. It was so warm and relaxing. John asked if I would like a neck rub and it felt so good. His hands didn’t stop at my neck and I couldn’t say no. Soon I felt other hands and my body just tingled. I got nervous and got out with the towel wrapped around me when John and another followed me in and apologized while getting me another drink. The music was playing and we danced. Oh they were so hard I could see their big bulges . They both sat on the couch and aked me to show them. When I asked what they said show us your body with out the towel. I was embarrassed and said   why? They sais that is obvious look at us you tease. At that I felt Mike come up behind me,he was still wet and wrapped his arms around me. We swayed to the music as he kissed my neck and before I knew it the towel dropped. John and Steve just sat on the couch and squeezed their bulges, they looked so good. Told me how sexy I looked. Mike got closer and me all over as he pushed his hard on against my bikini bottom. It was so big and hard. Then John and Steve asked me to show more. Why I asked, They replied they would pleasure them selves as they looked at my naked body and with that they pulled down their trunks and stroked their ***** in front of me. Ohh how I tingled and was mesmorized. I undid my top and it fell to the floor I felt so sexy as Mike came up behind me rubbing my **** he thrust forward and I felt his naked c oc k my bottom. Then I leaned over and dropped my bottoms as I stood up Mike placed his hard on between my cheeks and just kept rubbing up and down my crack.I could feel my juices and yours dripping down my thighs while I watche John and Steve stroking themselves in front of me as Mike moved quicker and started moaning. His **** was wet with precun as he told me how pretty my a s s was as he kissed my neck and massaged my breast when all of a sudden he shot his load all over your girlfriends pretty ***. That did I licked him clean and then they all came in and used your **** girlfriend. I pleasured them all night and that is why I am so wet . You know you liked it I only hope you won’t break up with me. **** you **** I will do any thing for you. “             Well that did it and I unloaded in her sweet a s s. We collapsed and fell asleep. When I woke up Tracy was still asleep looking beautiful in the morning light. Naked and natural. I was turned on not mad and wanted her again so I took her face to face. I kissed her and told her how sexy she was and how I loved her being s l u t. She asked if I would like to watch her perform and I came hard in her. She took it as a yes and brought two more in as I went to the rest room. When I came back she was riding one while sucking the other. I was instantly hard again and sat behind her on the bed watching the show. John was underneath and his **** had a white ring of our juices around the base as she pumped him and he sucked her n I p p l e s hanging in his face. I was so turned on I moved closer and spread her a s s cheeks and watched her pleasure my two friends when she said “ do it fill all my holes” and I did and it was good . She begged harder and I felt my wet b alls slap johns. Tracy took her mouth from Steves **** stroking it in her hand and turned to kiss me . we were so turned on and everyone stoked harder. My **** slipped from her rear and she reached around and grabbed it with her free hand. She placed it at her opening and told me to push but quickly moved it to her already filled cu n t and I felt my head slip in passed her lips beside Johns wet pole and she squealed in pleasure as I went all the way in It all happened so fast after that , she was so full and wetI felt John jerk, moan and spray his load in her sopping wet Pu s sy Then it was Steve shooting all over face and **** and then with in seconds I was unloading in her. She screamed” c u m in me and we all collapsed As she rolled off and on her back. Her P u s s y hissed as the air and white cream escaped and she laid there smiling oozing and covered with seed. The other two left and we cuddled even in the puddle as she kissed me with her *** covered face, made me lick her *** covered t i ts and urged me to suck her P u s s y, She growled” oh you like your wet **** girlfriend” and she was right.

            I tried to separate from her a few days later but I missed her too much. We were married a year later and still enjoy each other very much        

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What a nice way to be introduced to the naughty lifestyle!!!

Thats ******* hot, your latina girl should be ****** by lots of guys