NYTimes: Slammed Doors Are All Part of a Night's Work

Justin Ross Lee reinterprets Lord Simon Balcairn.

Lord Simon Balcairn is a minor character in one of my favorite novels from the roaring twenties:Vile Bodies, by Evelyn Waugh.

Balcairn is a young man-about-town high-society gadfly and gossip columnist - a public school boy who's burned his bridges (and the remains of the family fortune) on a path to nowhere in particular. In the film Bright Young Things, Stephen Fry's wonderful 2003 adaptation, Balcairn is played brilliantly by James McAvoy.

All this, and the youtube clip linked below, came to mind as I read an article in yesterday's New York Times. It described a (typical ?) night on the town with Mr. Justin Ross Lee, a Lord Balcairn for our times. While he's certainly not the most sympathetic character, the article is worth a few minutes, if for no other reason, than for the first few heart thumping paragraphs. The Times author, Bob Morris, certainly knows how to make his words giddy up and go. Apart from the always delighful movie critic Manohla Dargis, it's been a while since I've read a Times article that was such fun.
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 NYTimes:  Justin Ross Lee reinterprets Lord Simon Balcairn
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May 17, 2012