Only In America Would This Happen

Just another news story to add to the "Crazy but True" file.

The good news: A 31-year-old man Georgia got to have a *********. The bad news: It killed him. The good news: It won him $3 million. The bad news: It's not clear who gets the money. Confused yet? Just in case you still had any doubts whatsoever that our jury system can be a tad, shall we say, ASININE, at times, here comes the case of the young husband and father of two who had a ********* with a friend (either male or female depending on which report you believe) and a woman -- who wasn't his wife. He then died of a heart attack from all the excitement. So his estate sued his cardiologist for not properly warning him about the dangers of **********. Of course, all of this could have been avoided if the guy had read just one of those articles about how cheating on your wifecan kill you.

Okay, we don't know if the guy was cheating. Maybe the wife was all for her husband's ********* with two people who weren't her. It happens. Anyway, the guy, William Martinez, died a day before he wasdue to have a heart stress test. He was set to have the test because of chest and arm pain he'd had the week before. The doctor he saw set up the test, but failed to warn him not to participate in any orgies before his next appointment. The doc probably assumed the guy would take it easy for a least a week. Watch some TV. Spend some time with the kids. Have a leisurely dinner with the wife. But nooooooo. Dude had a very active sex life and wasn't about to let a few chest pains get in the way of his *********. Can you blame him?

Anyway, a jury agreed that the guy should have been warned by his doctor, because they awarded his estate the 3 million buckaroos. It's not clear yet who gets the money, but since it is his estate that gets the award, that would be his wife and kids unless he has a will saying otherwise.

Let this be a lesson to us all: No ********** if you're due for a heart stress test! Although I guess this could be a really sneaky way of making your beneficiaries rich -- provided you're ready to go out with a smile on

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Sorry that I laughed! *hangsherheadinshame*

Don't apologize Ricki...........I had to laugh after reading it myself

Well set up the story well with that tease. I think you might be the next Paul Harvey, lol.... Good Day!

thanks......but I can't take credit for it lol

Oh, sure you can! Don't be bashful!

Ok I take full credit lol

Woo-hoo! Now I can say I've accomplished something!

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This is one of those stories that leaves you just looking at the screen and shaking your head..... It was a Good one tho!! Makes me sorta glad that ********** aren't on our "personal life menu" anytime soon!! :D

just make sure not to if you're having any kind of chest pains. lol

What a great way to go ... yes, only in America ... haha

Guess it gives new meaning to the phrase coming and going at the same time lol

hehehe ... good one.