Why I Live In The Wrong Country

This isn't a Sandusky/Penn State/********* conspiracy rant nor a tear-fest and anger squawk over the massacre gun show in Denver. That's yesterday's bummer.

This is far more important. Take a look at the greatest dance ever shown on TV and if you care to debate that claim show up on Main Street at dusk with your hand gun ready. Never mind.

Trust me on this one from Argentina's "Dancing with the Stars." 

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Not exactly which is the hottest of that and the others that show up in the menu at the end

Impressive! Veeery impressively hot. I imagine the Argentine version of the FCC is pretty laid back. Compared to the Janet Jackson thing in the States a few yrs back, lol, aaand you didn't even see a nipple. Viva Argentina!

Caramba !!!!

I've been advocating for choreographed sex since like forever !

Wassa matter with you? Don't you get your fill with guns, murder and the proliferation of violence?

I do... But instead of the glorified fight fekking I would rather do this dance sex thing .... And at the end everyone had all their body parts which was also nice!

Oh, and what beautiful body parts.

Eff yeah!

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Wow..I love that dance. I can't imagine what is would be like to live in a country where they have the freedom to express themselves like that.

Hmm. Gotta figure out a way to move to Argentina.

i want her butt

Get in line.

Me first! :P

Me too!

wow.... i will have this down one day ;)

Even I would watch this version!

I bring two

omg...that was on TV???? i didnt know they were allowed to show stuff like that...and my grandma used to love that show!

lol no, thank goodness...she'd be in the hospital right now if she had seen that

People, discover the authentic Argentine tango on YouTube. It's now done in panty hose and a skirt slit to the waist, but the outfits were more demure when the tango began about 100 years ago. The tango is a passionate encounter between a man in a woman, unlike any other dance. And the woman dancer gets the better part of the passion. 20-30 years ago, the French Ambassador to Argentina was invited to a Buenos Aires tango competition. His comment: "We French dance that way too, but only horizontally."<br />
<br />
The internet has made it possible for Argentina to import a lot of American culture. The woman's microkini outfit is originally an American design. The couple's dance moves owe a lot to disco, the lindy hop, and the jitterbug. "But" of course something like this can only be shown on an adult cable channel in the USA. YouTube last decade might have censored this. There most definitely has been a "mainstreaming" of the feminine derriere of late.

It is an adult woman's prerogative to dress that way indoors. Over the past 2 years, the notion that a woman's gluteus maximus is taboo has disintegrated. It hasn't hit the beaches of my city, but that's only a matter of time.


We would only see that on PPV "adult" stations in the US. And Argentine beef is THE best.

ooooh hh hot hot hot...

One hot video, no doubt. But i apparantly missed your point. Is this something you want to do, or just the type of tube you want to watch? BTW - what did he pour on her body at the end and why? ;)

Not only that, Argentina has one of the world's largest untapped and technically recoverable reserves of shale-oil and natural gas. And a recently re-nationalized YPF.<br />
Oh to be young with slick moves, love, money and hydrocarbons. Perhaps they'll live to paint the town red once be as "Rich as an Argentine!" Let's party like it's 1900.

100 years ago, the Argentine standard of living was as good as that of western Europe. After 100 bipolar years, including some years of fascist dictatorship, Argentina may now have the highest standard of living in Latin America. It may have produced the finest 20th century intellectual, J L Borges. I have seen on Wikipedia images of the lonely large towns of Patagonia. They often look better than their USA and Canadian counterparts. Argentina is a melting pot like the USA and Australia.

Holly ******* hot!

Nice<br />
<br />
You can find that with the right teacher though.

And I thought this was just a dream.........I may not have all the moves he has, but I have a high degree of confidence I could follow her every move and not miss a step in removing those costumes....

I know you could.

I've taken plenty of dance lessons, but I've never had any like that. Perhaps it's time to change dance studios...

Or countries. The stereotype of the sizzling Latinas . . . men and women . . . all with perfect bodies and near-boiling blood . . . is certainly exemplified in this video. A friggin tv show no less!

Well, my body is far from perfect. Of course, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to take a trip to Argentina just to watch...

and your mission to distract succeeded!

PERFECT!! Absolutely PERFECT!! I totally loved this!! Now that's dancin to LOVE!! <br />
One of the BEST POSTS EVA!! Thanks!

You are so lovely when you are excited!!

I don't mind the sex, but I hate to see all that wine being wasted. But maybe I live in wrong country too.

Not sure if a drop spilled onto the floor. I believe a trained tongue was at play.

That's entertainment. Too bad that the lady isn't as attractive as Kate.

I agree totally. The video was still gorgeous. And sadly, would be censored here.

oh you..... you are so charming!

Mmmm, not only good entertainment, but also instructional. I might even take up dancing ... no, let me rephrase that, with the right partner, I would soooo take up dancing. And when done, all sweaty and nasty, a moonlight swim would be the perfect ending.

But are the boobs real.

The only way I like them ... as of course you know.

I clipped through the next vid of the show. Them drapes hang like real curtains - in my humble an experienced opinion. ;)

yea it's a drag living in the long long shadow of those pale pilgrims, isn't it?