Did the fisherman of Crete smile and snicker when clever young Icarus went splish-splash?

I dropped my fishing rod and clapped while witnessing Jonah Lehrer's magnificent plunge.

Pollice verso

Like a Rabid Roman sports-fan in 300 AD, I won't be happy until the emperor gives him thumbs down. Release the lions (fact-checkers). I'm willing to wager Lehrer's Imagining useful Dylan quotes isn't the first of his sins. And his willingness to repeatedly lie about his transgressions hint at further weakness.  Someone download this Rhodes scholar's thesis -- I'm sure it's online somewhere.  

I won't be happy until they thoroughly and completely dismantle this cutesy-pie with horn rimmed glasses and a quick youtube punch-line; this pseudo-science, TED-talking, NPR babbling wunderkind.

He is a symbol. Light the fire and let his downfall illuminate the systemic ethical rot eating its way through the edifice of basic science.   Not only are growing numbers of scientists full of hot-air, we now have pop-science writers who reveal the ever-growing desire to manufacture reality.  

Keeping up appearances should come at a price.  Empirical truth isn't a widget that can stamped out of a die-press on a blogging schedule or an F32 funding cycle.
KingsleyMartin KingsleyMartin
31-35, M
Aug 1, 2012